Taking Responsibility for Preserving the Planet’s Resources

Solar panels

Protecting and preserving the Earth?s resources is everyone responsibility. It is our duty, as inhabitants of the Earth, to recycle, reuse, and to implement environmentally friendly improvements. Although many people agree with the fact that we need to do more to protect the planet, many do not know where to begin. There are actually many changes that you can do to your own home that will provide environmentally friendly benefits for the entire planet.

Reduce electricity usage
Reducing electricity usage is usually a more simple method to implement. Make it a point to turn off lights when you are not using them. Teach your children the habit of turning off a light when they exit the room. Much of the planet?s electricity is used for no reason. Many homeowners leave things like lights, TVs, and other electronic devices on. If you cannot get the hang of turning off unused lights, switch to a home automated system. This allows you to view the power used from your mobile device. You can turn off lights, while you are away from home. You can also set up automatic timers, shutting off light when no one is in them.

Reduce water usage
Water is perhaps, one of the most wasted resources. We often take it for advantage, letting it run for no reason. We might turn on the shower, and then take our time getting into it. We might let the water run, before beginning to wash our dishes. Running water for no reason is a huge waste of resources. Attempt to turn off water when not using it. For bigger results, move to solar water heating or higher efficiency water appliances throughout the house.

Solar panels installation
Solar panels work in numerous ways to preserve the planet?s resources. Installing solar panels can decrease your household?s carbon footprint by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. You can easily implement the installation of solar panels by working with a solar power contracting company. The solar power contracting company will come out to your house and provide recommendations for solar heating. You can use solar panels installation to warm your house, for heating your pool, and for heating water throughout your house.

Your solar power contracting company might also notify you that solar panels can significantly reduce your utility bills. According to Energy Star, a solar water heater can reduce the average household?s water heating costs by 50%. According to the DOE, a solar water heater can reduce the electric load of your water heater by up to 2,500 kilowatt hours annually, which stops 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, that is the equivalent of not driving your car for four months a year! Work with your solar power contracting company to learn about even more benefits of solar heating.

Tax credits
Because the country could benefit from Americans making these environmental changes, they offer tax credits. Depending on the state you live in, you could receive additional tax benefits for making solar power changes to your house. To claim these benefits, keep documents of you?re the solar companies used. Include the exact energy improvement changes made on your tax form, and claim the tax benefits. You could receive a good portion of the money spent on the improvements back through your taxes.

You have probably heard words like energy efficient, EnergyStar, and solar power thrown around over the last few years. Officials are becoming more and more aware of the declining shape of our planet. What can you do about it? You can make changes within your own home to reduce these damages. Reduce your electricity usage, monitor your water amounts, and install solar panels throughout your household. Not only are you helping out the planet you live on, but you will also notify a decrease in utility bills and may qualify for tax incentives.

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