Home Maintenance and Repairs From Clearing Flat Roofs to Energy Star Approved Windows

A flat roof comes with its own design and construction. Not every area can support a flat roof, as too much rain or snow can make them ineffective. If you have a flat roof that needs some repair, it’s important to find the best flat roof repair company. The best roof repair for a flat roof will come from a company that has a lot of experience with this roof shape. Commercial roofing companies often have this kind of experience.

To find the best commercial roofing company, find out who is recommended by people you know. This is especially important if they too have flat roofs. The average cost of a flat roof replacement is about $300 for each area of 100 square feet. The final cost for the roof will depend on the size of the roof and whether the workers need to pull up and carry away the old roof. When the new roof is installed, you can expect many years of maintenance-free performance from it. Depending on the materials used, a roof may be good for decades. If you have roof leaks, never wait until they get bigger to get a roof repair company to come out and replace the roof.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs: Every year, houses require some level of maintenance and repairs. This is especially the case when they’re located in areas that experience heavy winds and severe weather. The average homeowner, for example, will usually spend about one to four percent of their home’s value on annual maintenance and repairs. As a home becomes older, however, the amount that needs to be spent generally increases.

In order to make sure that a roof is in good shape, it should be inspected by a roof service at least once or twice a year. When houses are located in areas with severe weather, however, roofs should be inspected more often to determine if any damage or other issues have occurred.

Leaky roofs can obviously cause water damage, so it’s important to have this repair taken care of as soon as possible. During storm season, debris tends to collect in gutters which can prevent drainage and create standing pools of water. Broken drain pipes can also lead to water building up on flat roofs as well as other styles of roofs. Even though flat roofs do have a slope, debris and other issues can contribute to standing water.

When a roof has water damage, it can usually cost an average of $2,385.00 to repair. In order to remove standing water, the costs will tend to average about $2,688.00. Wind damage will usually cost more, and while this will depend on the extent of the damage and other factors, it can cost between $5,757.00 to $10,000.00. In some cases, it could cost even more than this. If a roof has sustained fire and smoke damage, then this can cost up to $4,172.00.

Rather than repairing a roof that has sustained considerable damage, a roof repair service may recommend having a new roof installed. When homeowners have been living in older homes that have their original roofs, such as flat roofs, it may be time to have them replaced as well.

Home Siding Repair and Replacement

Currently, most home siding is able to withstand 110 mile per hour winds. Vinyl siding, for example, is easier to re-install than other types of siding if it is ripped off by high winds.

Over the past year, the Census Bureau reports that 36% of new single-family home constructions primarily had vinyl siding for their exterior walls. After vinyl siding, 23% of new home constructions had brick, 17% had stucco, and 13% had fiber cement.

Window and Door Replacement

Remodeling magazine recently released their annual Cost Vs Value Report. The results showed that the average cost to replace vinyl windows was $11,319.00. To replace wood windows, however, the average cost was $12,229.00.

When houses have drafty windows and doors, a considerable amount of heat can be lost. The average home, for example, can lose 38% of its heat when this is the case. Homes that have drafts in their single-paned windows can lose up to 50% of their heat.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends new windows to reduce energy bills. When homeowners replace their old single-pane windows with Energy Star approved ones, the EPA estimates that they could save approximately $501.00 a year. This does depend on the home’s location.

Roughly 33% of an average family’s energy budget is wasted due to cracks and gaps in their house. Since hot air can escape and cold air enter, this can make a home less comfortable during the winter. Furthermore, once the weather warms up, hot air will enter their home and cooler air will exit through these cracks and gaps.

Taking Care of Home Maintenance and Repairs

When homeowners keep their house well-maintained and repaired, it can create a more pleasant living environment. Furthermore, taking care of necessary repairs and upgrading to Energy Star approved windows, doors, and other fixtures can assist with increasing energy efficiency. These measures can also potentially increase a home’s value and resale price as well.

Some necessary repairs and maintenance may seem minor at first, such as clearing the debris from flat roofs. What may begin as a minor issue, however, could lead to a more serious one. As a result, it makes sense to schedule regular maintenance and repairs.


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