Five Types of Window Treatments to Consider

Your home’s windows are one of the first things you should replace or fix when planning a home renovation. Old windows are weak and unreliable, becoming a threat to your safety. If you want to repair your windows without replacing any element of your home, you should hire soft window treatments services and let them enhance your window’s quality. Before changing your windows, consider deluxe window treatments to bring life back to those vintage windows around your home.

If you are considering hiring local window treatment professionals, search online and check their previous work. Search for “window treatments before and after” photos and stick with the professional who suits your needs. Moreover, protect your home by installing panel windows coverings. Control the sun exposure and how much natural light comes inside your home by installing blinds and covers. Moreover, if you have large windows, you can install blinds for 2 story windows and avoid replacing them.

Your windows are crucial for your home’s curb appeal and your safety. Improve their condition by hiring a window treatment professional.

Choosing between curtains and window blinds can sometimes be tricky. Curtains are a very popular and decorative alternative to blinds for windows, but those exact same windows might benefit from having both products installed. Some customers try using more than one window treatment type at a time because they like that look. Others might just think that even alternative blinds for windows don’t reduce the home’s interior sun exposure quite enough, and some more shade might help them.

Representatives from a window treatment business can show you a set of products that act as an alternative for blinds. Having to clean both window blinds and curtains is time-consuming. They can both get visibly dusty very swiftly. Some people might install mini blinds, which only cover the glass of the windows. Almost any alternative to mini blinds will be broader than that, but some customers might want more of the window to be hidden.

There are also window shades that fully block out the window glass. People will see small amounts of sunlight getting inside through the spaces between the window blinds, but that’s not true for certain thick window shades. They combine the characteristics of both blinds and some kinds of curtains.

Most people do not realize how important or costly window treatments are to a house. In fact, most people underestimate both of these factors until they become a homeowner themselves. If you are looking for useful and cost efficient window treatments, this guide will help you make your buying decisions.

High quality windows

Before you add windows treatments to your windows, you want to ensure that your windows are of high quality. The windows are the first line of defense against cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Poorly installed windows or windows that need to be replaced can cause your utilities to leak out of them. This results in a significant increase in your heating and cooling bills. Additional window treatments will only improve the quality of the windows.

Window curtains

Window curtains are probably the most common type of window treatment. Windows are fairly cost efficient and can easily be hung. However, there are many different types of window curtains to choose from and it is important that you choose the right size for your window. You will also want to consider other window curtain characteristics like darkening curtains, floor length curtains, and energy efficient window curtains. Curtains also come in many different designs so you can use them in the overall room design of each room.

Window draperies

Window draperies are similar to window curtains except that they tend to be longer and to cover more of the windows. Think of window drapes as a fancier version of window curtains. They are often used to create an upscale and modern look. The length of the drapes can also have a major impact on the look and feel of a room. For a cleaner, more casual look, allow the drapes to just touch the floor. For a more dramatic look, hang the drapes so that the fabric puddles on the floor, with four to six inches resting in luxurious folds. Also, make sure you choose a window drapery color that pairs well with the rest of the designs in the room.

Window blinds

Window blinds and sometimes shutters are another common type of window treatment. Window blinds are a basic type of window treatment. However, they can be expensive because they have to be customized and fitted to your windows sizes. Window blinds are also very simple to operate. You can pull the string, letting in light within seconds. At the end of the evening, you can easily pull the string and pull down the blinds, giving you additional privacy. Automated window treatments are also becoming more and more common. According to a 2016 Houzz survey, about 2% of newly renovated homes have smart blinds or curtains. These technological blinds can be preprogrammed or operated from a different room, or from a mobile app when you are not even at your house.

Decorative window shutters

You do not see plantation shutters as a window treatment as often today as you did in the past. Most homeowners replace their window treatments every seven to eight years. Considering many plantation shutters were removed in the last decade, they are very rare today. However, you can still find them and they are a great design to create a traditional or classic look to your room. Window shutters work much in the same way as window blinds, expect that they shut over the window rather than dropping down over the top of them.

There are many methods for covering your home?s windows. Window treatments provide homeowners with design, energy efficiency, and privacy. It is important that you choose the right window treatments for your needs. You should also have the window treatments sized based on the dimensions of the windows that you are covering.


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