Homeowners, Pay Attention! Here’s Why You Should Consider Giving Your Lawn A Makeover This Year

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A beautiful lawn transforms your entire home. It doesn’t matter if you have a more traditional set-up or are trying some new exterior decorating ideas on for size. A lush, green lawn free from yellow spots and dirt patches reflects on you and how much you care. Americans spend a lot of money to keep their lawn looking beautiful year-round, though these earnest attempts don’t always yield success due to the finicky nature of plants. Are you wondering how to bring out the best in your landscape design without contributing negatively to the environment? Try out the best of both worlds on for size and read up on the top five lawn maintenance tips below.

Budget Smart And Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

If you’re doubting the practicality of a nice lawn, let these statistics give you the bigger picture. Spending a mere 5% of your home’s value on landscaping can net you an ROI of up to 150%. This is great news if you’re thinking of selling your house over the next few years. A recent study saw 90% of real estate agents actively encouraging homeowners to invest in landscape design, which can mean anything from installing new shrubbery to touching up your old, dry lawn. Do you spend a lot of time outside? Then this next one is for you…

Give Your Outdoor Entertainment A Much Needed Touch-Up

Homeowners love to entertain guests (it’s a great way to connect with friends and family…as well as show off that new dining set you bought!). The National Association Of Landscape Professionals unveiled a new survey gauging just how much Americans love to throw outdoor parties and get-togethers. Out of the over 2,000 respondents over the age of 18, a whopping three-quarters felt it was very important to spend time in their backyard. Another 80% believe having a well-maintained yard is important. Next time you feel guilty constantly touching up your lawn…don’t!

Try A Complete Overhaul Alongside Your Beautiful Lawn

Landscaping doesn’t have to stop at one or two ideas. In fact, you’re better off going for the long haul and getting all of your genius creations out of the way. This is because plants are very healthy for the environment and compliment each other well. The majority of homeowners who choose to upgrade their outdoor spaces prefer to address their backyard at nearly 65%. These upgrades can be as substantial as building new garden beds or paving new sidewalks to a brand new terrace that stretches all away around the home. Adding a tree, a new garden or some shrubbery alongside your lawn will make you look better and feel better.

Plants Are Incredibly Good For Your Health

What do plants do for our health? Actually, it’s easier to say what they don’t do. Plants regularly clean out the air, removing harmful pollutants from your home on top of reducing the amount of mold, dander and pollen. People with asthma or breathing problems are highly suggested to let plants do some of the heavy lifting. An additional benefit some homeowners are seeking out is that of noise pollution. A few trees or bushes installed close to your home can filter out excess noise and replace it with soothing sounds, perfect for helping you get that much-needed shut-eye.

How To Cultivate A Healthy, Eco-Friendly Lawn

Now for the best part. A fluffy, green, healthy lawn is not just a fairytale. It can actively be yours with a little care and research. Lawns, just like any other plant, need to be watered on a frequent basis. Too much watering, however, can all but drown your poor plants and prevent them from growing tall. Try not to walk on your lawn during the winter or cold early morning hours, either — the crunching pressure on fragile grass stalks will break them, making it harder for them to grow consistently and contributing to those frustrating yellow spots. There are plenty of eco-friendly landscape design professionals out there willing to give you a hand.

Transform your home from the outside in and give your lawn a makeover. Everyone will find something to enjoy!

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