Why You Should Hire A Professional Moving Company


For those renting an apartment or a home, moving is often inevitable. For those who change jobs or with growing families, moving is also a very common thing. In fact, surveys show that 33% of renters move to a new residence every single year. A survey among thirty year olds found that the average to be six moves. In their lifetimes, most Americans move an astounding twelve times before staying in one place. Only 37% of people stay their whole lives in their hometowns, with 63% branching out and exploring new locations and communities. But moving can be a stressful process and, without the help of professional movers, a physically demanding one.

Experienced movers can help in a number of ways during a move. First, they can help you move safely. Furniture movers know how to manage large and unwieldy pieces of furniture such as dressers and mattresses. They know how to work safely. The average American is much more likely to injure themselves than a professional mover, and for some people even attempting to move furniture themselves is an impossibility. For those who are disabled or elderly or even for those who just aren’t particularly strong, movers offer an effective way to move from one place to the next.

It’s also important to consider the best time to move. Most people move during the summer, statistics show, with almost 15% of moves occurring in June alone. And it’s not hard to see why December is the least popular month to move in. With cold temperatures and the threat of ice and snow storms, it makes the most sense to avoid moving during the winter. Moving often involves a lot of outdoor activity, what with loading and unloading a moving truck, and can be made even more physically uncomfortable if done in the cold. It’s also popular to hire movers on Fridays, again for obvious reasons. People get off of work for the weekends then and often have more time to dedicate to their move. Moving on the weekend can be best because it allows the people moving the most time to work at once on their move.

Moving can be an altogether stressful experience, but planning it right can decrease some if not most of this stress. Professional moving companies can help to make the experience go even more smoothly, providing skill and safe practices to a move.

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