Why Does My Water Taste Funny? Signs You Should Be Investing In A Better Whole House Filtration System

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Trying to save money on your water bill? You won’t be able to do that by ignoring the basics!

Good water should come from your entire home. The moment you notice a scummy white building up in your bathtub or taste something funny every time you pour yourself a glass is a moment you need to take seriously. Too many American households have taken to buying bottled water to reap the benefits of a clean drinking experience, but that’s a lot of extra money out of your pocket that could be better put toward that homeowner project you’ve been putting off. Here’s why you should install a water softener for the whole house instead of viewing your average water system as something that just can’t be helped.

Did You Know?

Let’s quench your thirst for knowledge with some water-based facts. Chronic dehydration is a problem that’s slowly being pushed by more medical professionals as more and more Americans struggle with low concentration, poor sleeping habits and digestive systems that could use a boost. While your average doctor recommends you down six to eight glasses of water per day, some adults and kids will go all day without a single glass! Your portable water filtration device will go a long way in encouraging a good habit, so let’s count the ways and get you started on that installation.

Get Rid Of Hard Water

Does your water taste a little funny no matter the time of day? Perhaps unusually sweet? This is a common sign you’ve got a hard water problem. This term is used to denote an above-average mineral build-up in your whole house filtration system, meaning the next step is to invest in a water softener for the whole house. Hard water can be easily reduced by actively filtering out these excess minerals every time you turn on the tap, saving you money and trips to the grocery store all in one fell swoop.

Drastically Reduce Bacteria

Any family that worries about the safety of their drinking water is a family that is already on the right track. While your water system does its absolute best to keep bacteria out of your drinking supply, a little extra effort certainly never hurt. A reverse osmosis system will do all the work of catching any of the bacteria that slips through the cracks, keeping you sane throughout the week when you have enough to worry about. Pair this with a water softener for the whole house and you have a gift that just keeps on giving!

Encourage A Steady Water Drinking Habit

All of the above will make sure drinking water is a good habit rather than a chore. When you don’t dread turning on the tap and committing to an entire glass it’ll be a little easier to get your daily recommended amount of water. To reiterate one of the points above it’s suggested children and adults drink six to eight glasses per day. Yes, even when you’re convinced you’re not thirsty! You can make this transition easier by also drinking herbal teas and simple juices, both providing you an antioxidant and vitamin boost alongside your water count. Coffee and tea, on the other hand, don’t count!

The Benefits Of A Water Softener for The Whole House

Replacing parts on a water system is a job for a professional. Reaching out to your local water treatment expert will make sure you don’t waste more money choosing an incompatible model or one inapplicable to your unique drinking situation. A reverse osmosis system will catch any lingering bacteria and keep your water up to 99% flawless at all times, with a water softener for the whole house perfect for eliminating hard mineral build-up and creating a smooth, delicious drinking experience. Even if you’re unsure taking a look at water softener dealers can clear up any concerns you have about the safety of your home.

Your water bill should be worth every penny. Get a water system that treats you right.

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