Why To Choose An LED Lighting System

Roadway lighting

Electricity has become part of the fabric of our society, particularly when it comes to lighting. From roadway lighting to parking garage lighting to the lights we have in our homes, light fixtures help to keep the world safe and navigable. Without roadway lighting, we would be confined to travel by day. Instead, we can travel through the night safely, as roadway lighting keeps us where we should be on the road and aware of other motor vehicles as well. But not all lighting is creating equal. Induction lighting, including implements like an induction lamp, is often a superior method of lighting when compared to more outdated methods like halogen bulbs.

An induction lamp and other practical uses for induction lighting have been around for quite some time now. In fact, induction lighting was put to use by Nikola Tesla way back in the 1890s, more than a century ago. Induction lighting has remained so popular in part because of its efficacy. It’s able to display up to 70 lumens per watt, sometimes more. Induction lighting systems, such as an induction lamp, are also incredibly long lasting, sometimes up to 100,000 hours, making them a popular choice. This is because in induction lighting there are no electrodes or filaments. Electrodes and filaments are what cause light bulbs to burn out so quickly. Without them, an induction lamp can survive for significantly longer.

LED lighting is another popular type of lighting particularly because it is also very long lasting, up to 50,000 hours when compared to the lifespan of a fluorescent bulb, which only lasts around 20,000 hours. LED lights are also more powerful than halogen bulbs and can provide a greater range of visibility, producing up to 85% more light output than a standard halogen light bulb. On top of that, LED light bulbs only use up around 15% of the energy that a halogen light bulb uses, making them economical as well as environmentally friendly. Because lighting accounts for almost 20% of energy use in commercial buildings (and over 10% of energy use in most homes), this makes LED light bulbs a better choice.

Whether you choose to use an induction lamp or a lamp with an LED light bulb, both choices are better than the alternative, a standard halogen light bulb. Both induction lighting as well as LED lighting are long lasting and provide a high range of visibility. An LED lighting system provides the benefit of being environmentally friendly as well as an economically sound choice. Light bulbs are simply an unavoidable part of our lives, especially when we travel great as well as small distances at night, but we have choices.

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