5 Ways You Can Tell You Need to Get a New Roof

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Most homeowners in the United States do not give a lot of thought to their roof. This is unfortunate because the roof is one of the most important things protecting your home from the elements. If you need to have a residential roofing installation completed and fail to do so, you can cause widespread issues around your home. If you have a basement, a roof that is past its expiration date can cause flooding there that will cause very expensive work to be done all over your home.

On the other hand, some homeowners around the nation see a leak in a room and run to call the roofing contractors to get started on their residential roofing installation scheduled and finished as soon as possible. The good news is that if you need to have a residential roofing installation done, your roof will tell you, its own way.

  1. Look at the age of your roof. While age may be nothing but a number or state of mind for people, the same cannot be said of your average roof. The age when your roof will need to be replaced differs depending on the material that was used when your roof was installed. A roof that was made with asphalt shingles can last anywhere between 20 and 25 years. A metal roof may last longer. You can talk to local roofing contractors about what the age limit is on metal roofs but if you have a traditional roof that has reached an age over 20, you should look into getting a new one.
  2. Look to see the state of your shingles. If they are buckling or curling, this can be a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. One way to inspect your roof is to take a look at the areas that are hit, during the day, by direct sunlight. If those areas have shingles that are losing granules, starting to curl, or are buckling, it can show that they are no longer protecting your home the way they should.
  3. Walk through your attic, if you have one. If you walk through your roof and you can see daylight peeking through the rafters, it is time to call about getting a residential roofing installation done. When you are walking through your attic, check your insulation. Even if you do not see sunlight, if you find water or moisture in the insulation, you may need a new roof.
  4. Walk over the roof itself. Be careful when you do this. If you notice it feels in any way like a trampoline, you need a new roof. If you notice a spongy feeling, that is another sign that you need a new roof to be installed. When you are inspecting your roof, if you see lots of missing shingles, that can be a big sign that your roof has lasted as long as it can and should be replaced. Also, if you find there are areas that look a lot like valleys, you may be overdue for a roof replacement. When you have areas that look like valleys, you have spots through which rain, snow, leaves, and branches in.
  5. Look at the gutters. If you have gutters that are falling off of your home, you may need a new roof. The same thing can be said if you see granules from your shingles filling up your gutters of flowing down in the water that goes through your downspouts, you really need to have a residential roofing installation done. As shingles on a roof get to the end of their lifespan, they start to shed. The more they shed, the less they are able to protect your home from weather and the elements. When you see these granules, you are on borrowed time for your roof.

Most homeowners really dread hearing that they need to have a residential roofing installation done on their house. They know the job can be expensive. The irony of the situation is that having a new roof put on your home can end up saving you money in the long run. New roofing materials can really save you a lot on your energy bills.

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