Four Reaons to Get Professional Cleaning Services

How often is office cleaning done where you work? Getting cleaning services in to do some business cleaning, whether you’re just moving in, just moving out, or on a regular basis in between, is essential to a clean and hygienic working environment. Need some reasons to schedule professional office cleaning right now? Here are four:

    1. Everyone spends a lot of time in that office. The average American employee spends a minimum average of 1,896 hours a year at their place of work. We don’t need anyone to remind us that we tend to make a mess wherever we spend a lot of time (see that dirty carpet in your living room) so just the fact we’re spending so much time in offices is one great reason to make sure regular office cleaning gets done.


  • Your office surfaces are great places for germs to hide. The average desk as 10 million bacteria making their home on it, and the average computer keyboard, mouse, and chair is covered in 21,000 germs per square inch. Yet more than half of us are eating at our desks on a regular basis, despite the fact that our desks are 100 times as dirty as our kitchen tables. Time to find a way to keep your office clean.
  • Non-professionals might be doing more harm than good. If you’ve tasked someone in the office to do the office cleaning, there’s a good chance they’re not doing it right. After all, it isn’t their job, right? Do they know how to clean a carpet? If you don’t clean it correctly, you can make really dirty carpets by simply grinding dirt into them. There’s a reason that a full 10% of the revenue professional cleaning services bring in comes from cleaning upholstered or carpeted surfaces. And does the person cleaning your office know that the antibacterial cleaner has to sit for 30 to 60 seconds before it’s wiped off, or it can’t do its job?
  • Office cleaning can reduce sick days. Every year, people in America are spending around five billion dollars on their colds and taking 60 million days off of school and 50 million days off of work. Estimates are that you can reduce the number of sick days in your office by 30% if you regularly disinfect desks.

    Our offices are full of dust and dirt, germs and bacteria. Office cleaning is the best way to get rid of all that, make your office a safer place to work (and eat!), and reduce the number of sick days that plague your work environment. Find a professional cleaning service near you that can make your office a better place to work and live.


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