Why You Should Update The Windows In Your Home

Windows, no matter what type you may have, are certainly important to the typical home in the United States. After all, a home without windows would get no sunlight, would have no view into the outside world and would be a very depressing and gloomy home indeed. But the type of windows that you have do matter, as do the window dressing that you choose for them. Windows and what you put over them to cover them up at will not only make a style statement, but can actually cost you or save you money, depending on the type of windows as well as the type of window covering.

Using drapes, blinds, and shutters has long been popular in the United States as a way to protect privacy and block out light (ideal for those with young children who still go to bed before seven, even during the summer months when the sun stays high in the sky for much longer than during the winter season). And drapes, blinds, shutters, and other such window coverings have remained popular, with more than thirty one million people stating that their household had purchased new coverings for their windows within the last calendar year, the last twelve months. This data was gathered in the spring of 2016, and has only continued to hold true in the months and few years since. In fact, by the time that we reach the year of 2022, less than five scant years from now, it is expected that the global market for shades, blinds, and shutters will reach a total of more than sixteen billion dollars when all is said and done – and only continue to grow in the years that come after.

And so if you have windows, it is likely that you will be interested in some type of window covering. The type of window covering that you choose to cover your windows will depend on a number of factors but namely what is most important to you. For instance, if you choose motorized window shades it is likely that you prize convenience above all else, as this is the number one reason for purchasing such window coverings. Motorized window shades can also be hugely ideal for those with mobility issues, such as those who have a disability and the elderly, who can no longer get around as easily as they once did. But motorized blinds and automated window blinds are certainly not the only option that presents a number of benefits when used as window treatments.

For instance, heavy draperies play an important role, particularly in the house that is built in a location of the United States that experiences severe winters. If you are living in a home with astronomically high heat and overall energy bills, considering draperies is most likely within your best interest. This is because the use of draperies can decrease your heating bill by as much as ten percent in total, saving you a considerable amount of money over the course of the year and particularly all throughout the sometimes brutal and freezing cold winter months. As windows and doors alike can account for as much as one whole third of the thermal loss that a home experiences while in a period of cold weather, even small measures like the addition of draperies can make a bigger impact than you might originally think.

Shutters are another popular choice of window treatment, though they are sometimes used on the exterior of the home and in conjunction with another interior window treatment such as the ever growing in popularity motorized window blinds. Shutters have retained their popularity for many years, in part because they have been found to be so long lasting. Typical shutters will last a home as many as twenty years – two whole decades – before needing to be replaced, or even longer if the shutters are well kept up and cared for and fixed any time that even minor damage is sustained.

If you have windows, there’s no doubt about it that window treatments are important. From motorized blinds to shutters, there are many choices.

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