Do You Have a Student Who Is Moving Away for College?

Sometimes a little attention to detail makes everything better.

Putting some extra soft linens into the tubs that are going to your daughter’s dorm room is one of those details that pays off in the end. The day your family found out that she had earned a full tuition, room, and board scholarship to her first choice school you were thrilled. As the reality set in, however, that your oldest daughter would now be living 12 hours from home, however, you were anxious. You did not really want her that far from home, but you also really did not want her to have to take out loans to pay for her undergraduate degree.

You decided to pay attention to as many of the details as possible to make sure that these four rooms living in the dorm could be as comfortable as possible. You started with two great pairs of sheets and you finished with custom cut rugs for her two different spaces. Fortunately, her scholarship paid for a mini suite and provided her with a bedroom space of her own and a small kitchen and living room area that she would share with her suite mate. The carpe in the bedroom was not in great shape and there was only a vinyl floor in the bigger living and eating space. By investing in custom cut rugs you were able to provide your daughter and her roommate an area that was both comfortable and attractive.

A college dorm room is a far cry from being at home, but with a few extra touches, like custom cut rugs, it can be a great space. And while there are some students who can move into a space with little more than a box of clothes and a few linens, you know that your daughter will be far better off if the two of you spend a little bit of time paying attention to the details.

Custom Size Area Rugs Improve Any Space

Whether you are looking for custom made area rugs for a family living room or you are considering the options of custom outdoor rugs for the deck, a well planned carpet can help you make sure that every space is the way that you want it. The fact that custom made rugs are available in a number of colors and designs means that you can create a beautiful space in any part, inside or outside, of your home. Even in a dorm room that is more than 12 hours away.

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