How Can Using Pipe Alignment Clamps Improve Operator Safety?

More welding companies are choosing to use pipe alignment clamps over traditional methods. Why make the switch? Because it has been found that many companies are losing money in the form of extra labor costs when these old-fashioned methods are used. The pipe alignment clamps on the market today are able to specifically address issues across different products. Here’s a brief description of which clamp might is right for which job, and what to consider before selection.

How Exactly Can Pipe Alignment Clamps Save Companies Money Over Old-Fashioned Techniques?

Two out of every three welding jobs is in manufacturing. Efficiency is a highly desired practice. The plate clamps traditionally used in welding work well in a variety of applications. However, it is specialized alignment tools that are proving to assist workers do their job more easily. This is accomplished by reducing fatigue in the operator. The key is to use the right tool for the job.

The Pipe Alignment Tools Available For Different Products.

There are five recognized pipe alignment clamps that cover most welding tasks. Each tool takes into account the pipe and fitting. They are as follows, as stated by the welding website Intercon.

    “1. To align and reform the mating side of the weld joint.

    2. To align and reform both sides of welding joints.

    3. To align and reform tubes, elbows, pipes, and other fittings.

    4. To hold pipes in position for an orbital weld.

    5. For carbon steel, stainless steel, or any other specialty alloys.”

What to Consider When Selecting the Correct Alignment Tool.

The goal of using alignment clamps is to increase efficiency, it is true. Another goal is safety. The correct usage of a alignment clamps over, say vertical plate lifting clamps, allows for greater operator safety while properly aligning the pipe and fittings. A top consideration when selecting an alignment tool is to look at the reforming need.

Adding the correct alignment tool to a contractor’s welding shop can result in a higher level of safety and efficiency. There are five alignment clamps on the market to serve a variety of welding needs. To make a selection, it is necessary to take a look at reforming needs, pipe diameter, and the size of the fittings. Doing so puts an operator on the path to success.

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