Ceramic Tile Trends: The Colors, Patterns, And Shapes You Need To Know

In home design, ceramic tile is no longer being used as a simple accent piece. Designers are turning to tile for indoor and outdoor flooring, backsplashes, countertops, and more. If you are looking to incorporate ceramic tile into your home design, check out these popular trends so that you stay ahead of the design curve.

  1. Subway Tiles RemixedThe star student of tile design for the past few years, subway tile, has fallen from grace. Their neat, stark white look is not eye-catching enough for today’s interior designers. Instead, a slight variation in the form of grid colored tiles is turning heads. These ceramic tiles are squares, rather than rectangles, and are often found in bright shades, from bubblegum pink to navy blue. Brickwork tiles, a cousin of subway tiles, features longer, leaner, and more texturized tiles. They have an edgier feel than the standard subways tiles and look great in darker colors.
  2. Natural ReplicasHardwood floors have been popular for years, but their upkeep can be a bit of a burden. Those who are starting a flooring renovation project, the second most common type of home renovation according to an Empire Today study, are turning to tile that replicates the natural look, but with a more durable material. Planks are coming out as a top seller in flooring, with their weathered-wood appearance. Other replications, such as stone, metal, and cotto (Italian brick tile), are also popular for tile floors.
  3. Monochromatic SchemesFor both floor and wall tiles, the top three colors are gray, white, and black. Greige, a term for a gray-beige shade, is a close fourth. Any combination of these neutral colors is a popular choice, giving a sleek and modern look to any room. The favorite accent colors to give these monochromatic rooms a pop are denim blues and emerald hues.
  4. Geometric DesignsBold, geometric patterns are very common in tile design at the moment. These designs give a small nod to retro trends, with shapes such as cubes and pointy triangles. The colors on these tiles are usually bright, evoking Moroccan and Cuban patterns. When this attention-grabbing flooring is paired with simple walls and furnishing, it becomes the beautiful centerpiece for any room.
  5. Colored Penny Round TilesRound tiles, each about the size of a penny, give small spaces a softer, moodier feel. The most popular colors for these tiles are soft pastel shades, such as light green and millennial pink. The design makes the room inviting while still providing visual interest.

In any space, tiles make the perfect surface, as they are easy to clean, durable, and visually interesting. Embark on your renovation journey today by picking out the best tiles for your home.

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