Plumbing Problems Hurricanes Leave Behind

Hurricanes are an awful thing. Even the most hurricane ready homes can face serious damage after one of these storms. They can affect every part of your home depending on your location and the strength of the storm, but one thing that some people might not think about in the chaos is their plumbing.

Hurricanes can cause flooding and flooding can lead to all kinds of plumbing related issues. This is something to keep in mind whether you’re concerned about protecting your home from storm damage or coming home after a hurricane and inspecting for problems.

Are you unsure of what to look for or what kinds of affects these storms can have on your home’s plumbing system? Let’s take a look at it in more detail and make fixing plumbing problems easier for you.

What to Look For

There are plenty of little things to look for that will tell you if a hurricane caused damage to your home’s plumbing. Pretty much anything acting out of the ordinary is a good sign that you might want to have things checked out, but some common giveaways are:

  • Sinks and toilets not draining as fast as usual
  • Water leaking from pipes
  • Hot water not working properly
  • Sudden drop in water pressure
  • Sounds of running water or hissing

These are just some of the things that you might notice, but there are other signs such as cracks in the foundation, mold, and wetness in areas that should be dry.

If your home has been through a storm recently, especially one with significant flooding, it’s wise to keep an eye out for these types of things. Catching these issues early will make fixing plumbing problems much easier and cheaper.

Ways That Flooding Causes Plumbing Damage

Flooding can affect your plumbing in a broad spectrum of ways. Essentially it comes down to too much water being places it shouldn’t be, but to break it down a bit more here are some examples:

  • Waterlogged soil causing the ground to shift
  • Pressure build up in pipes
  • Clogs caused by debris
  • Drains overflowing with excess water

What To Do

While there are many ways to hurricane prep your home, it’s still wise to know what to do when things go wrong. Luckily fixing plumbing problems is as easy as reaching out to a local plumbing agency and having them come check things out. The only thing you have to do is keep a diligent eye out for any issues and if you suspect a problem, give the professionals a call. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, because plumbing issues can lead to expensive home damage or even dangers to your family like black mold. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, even if you’re unsure if there is really a problem.

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