PTO Clutches Valuable within the Landscaping Industry

Power take off (PTO) clutch, or having power transferred from the engine of your mower, is available among many different lawnmower brands. The PTO clutch is the system containing the pulley that transfers power from the engine to the blade, often as simple as that pully that is used to turn on the lawnmower.

Brands of PTO Lawnmower Clutches

There are a number of brands and models of lawnmowers that are high sellers here in the United States. Considering the fact that over 80% of Americans believe in the importance of having a yard, along with the value of it being continually well-maintained. So, depending on the size of a yard, the landscaping that needs to be maintained, and any regular updates that would be needed, mower brands containing clutches include:

  • Ariens PTO clutch
  • Bush hog PTO clutch
  • Dixie chopper PTO clutch
  • Gravely PTO clutch

Continual Growth of the Landscaping Industry

As of 2016, the landscaping industry gained $77 billion in one year alone, with the median annual revenue for an individual landscaping company being about $217,000. Of the total landscaping industry, about half of the business is commercial landscaping and almost $16 billion on residential lawn care services.

While there may be a number of landscaping businesses hired to complete lawn care for homes, annual retail sales of lawn supplies are already over six billion dollars. As those numbers continue to grow, so do the sales of items like Dixie Chopper PTO Clutch, Kees Mower Clutch, Electric Clutches, MTD lawnmower parts, and many other lawnmower replacement parts. For all of those homes completing lawn care on their own, the purchase of these parts is required, even if the service of a repairman is needed to keep the mower up and running.

Even More Sales for American Farms

Starting with approximately three million farmers across the United States, there is much to expect in the number of mowers and replacement parts sold in that retail market. Over 80% of farms are owned privately, by individuals or families. With over 400 acres on the average farm, there is much to expect from a farmer to maintain mowers and other equipment. Considering the amount of work done on farms, then it is likely that farmers make the largest contribution to the sale of parts for all of the various equipment, more than just lawnmowers.

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