How to Safely Paint Your Baby’s Crib

Before becoming a new parent, it’s important to be prepared. Considering that, much of your time will be spent preparing a nursery for your baby. With that in mind, many parents want their new baby’s nursery to feature a wide array of colors. You can accomplish this goal by painting the furniture in your baby’s new room. One of the most important pieces of furniture in any nursery is a crib. It’s possible to safely paint your baby’s crib while ensuring you follow a few important tips. Here’s a helpful guide for learning how to safely paint a crib.

Preparing for Your Painting Project

The first step to take before painting a crib is to ensure it’s clean. If the crib was painted before, you’ll want to remove this paint. You can solve this problem by applying paint stripper to the crib and removing it with some type of scraping device. For cribs without paint, you’ll simply need to use sandpaper to prepare this item for painting.

Another important preparation step is to find the best paint for baby cribs. Considering that, it’s wise to choose paint with low amounts of VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Research gathered from a CBC Marketplace report found that VOC levels over 500 ppb can cause problems for people who are sensitive to chemicals. It’s also wise to find paint that contains low levels of PGEs. Sweden’s Dampness in Buildings and Health study found that exposure to PGEs almost doubled the risk of children developing allergic sensitivities. You’ll also want to choose low VOC and PGE paint if you plan on painting nursery floors.

Applying Primer and Paint to Your Baby’s Crib

At this point, you should be almost ready to paint your baby’s crib. Before using paint safe for baby furniture, it’s wise to make sure that your floors remain protected from any accidental spills. For protective purposes, you’ll want to choose cardboard, towels, or any other material that you won’t mind getting dirty.

Next, it’s time to apply a coat of primer to your crib. This helps ensure that the wood remains protected. In addition, primer also makes it easier for the paint to stick to the crib. After applying primer, you can begin to use paint safe for baby furniture on your crib. It’s understandable to wonder how to safely paint baby furniture. By applying paint in single coats and giving it adequate amounts of time to dry, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

In closing, following several steps will ensure that you’re able to paint your baby’s crib. The most imperative step in this process is to make sure you’re choosing paint safe for baby furniture. After following the previously mentioned steps, your baby will soon be able to enjoy their time in a crib that looks great.

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