Reasons to get a Service Plan

AC has become a valuable commodity in the American household.

Many depend on it for various duties such as keeping the house cool, during the summer, keeping the house warm during the winter.
Two-thirds of households in the U.S have AC units, as a matter of fact.
With that being said, it’s only natural that they would want to protect their investment, correct? AC units are expensive to buy and install in the home.
That’s why it’s wise for most American households to encompass a service plan with a local HVAC company.
There are so many benefits to service plans and here’s why.

Saves Money and Time
By attaining a service plan, it saves the household money.
AC units are machines, which means they break down from time to time.
An AC unit needs to be properly managed and properly maintained; otherwise, it will break down at the most inconvenient times and cost a fortune to fix.
For example, heating repair can cost up to $800.
Imagine, being in the dead of winter and the heater goes out.
During that time, many households are trying to get their heating repair for their house.
So the AC service may take a while to get to the house.
To avoid that problem, set up a service plan.
The not that expensive Some plans only cost $16 a month.
With a service plan, companies are required to come twice a year to inspect the unit.
If a service plan is a little too steep, many air conditioning repair companies have maintenance coupons on their sites.
Some of the coupons consist of tune-ups, mending Freon leaks, and central air ac service call.

Increases the Life Span
Homeowners that schedule regular routine checkups for their HVAC units have 40% longer lifespan than most units that don’t.
Basically, this means it can last for about 15-20 years if maintained properly.
However, if not, HVAC systems normally will last for 8 years.
A new commercial heating unit can cost close to $2000 .
Many Americans would not want to pay that much for a new unit.

More efficiently
By keeping on the maintenance, the home will feel better.
The cooling of the house will feel as if the homeowner were in the winter months, during the heat of summer.
During the winter months, the owner’s home will feel as if it’s a warm summer’s day.
Having the air filters cleaned and changed in moderation, rid mold, dust mites and other toxic airborne pollutants, which will improve the air quality.

There will be no worry of heating repair, commercial cooling repair, or gas furnace repair, with a service plan , of coarse.
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