The Different Types and Uses of Gravel

Gravel provides many different benefits when used in some different situations. With uses in landscaping, paving, and construction gravel can be used both in residential and commercial areas.

Different Types of Gravel and Uses

On the exterior of any building or location, there are many different types and uses of gravel. While ground rocks are not the only type of gravel, it can be decorative larger rocks and even as small as sand. Some are for decoration and others are for construction and building. Before asking what can I use gravel for, it is important to see the different types of gravel available. A partial list of these different types of gravel and other rocks include:

  • Driveway gravel
  • Landscaping rocks
  • Drainage gravel
  • Crushed gravel
  • Drain rocks
  • Utility sand
  • Construction sand
  • Rockery rocks
  • Sandbox sand
  • Topsoil and soil uses
  • Washed gravel

When to Use Different Types of Gravel

Considering the many types of rock that can be included in landscaping, driveways, construction, and other locations, there is much to ask before determining the proper type of gravel to use at a certain time. You may have to answer the specific questions to help find out what gravel to bring in for your project:

  • What is washed gravel?
  • What do different rock sizes mean?
  • What is drainage gravel?
  • What are rockery rocks?
  • What is the difference between gravel and sand?

Upon answering these questions and knowing what each of these items is, then you may be able to determine when they can be used. Knowing when certain gravel or sand can be used for your anticipated project. You will then likely know “what can I use gravel for”to help determine the steps of your project.

There is so much potential to your gravel, especially with the addition to topsoil for the prevention of weeds. It has been proven that about one inch of gravel layered underneath the topsoil provides this benefit. Then there is also the ability to add gravel to pathways, driveways, and patios for decoration. While the smaller gravel is a bit rougher and creates those pathways, the larger rocks can help to create rock walls and better-developed design.

Therefore, all of these different steps, questions, answers, and statements can be placed together to help determine “what can I use gravel for?” With all of these uses, there is a great deal of potential built into these little rocks and the different types of benefits they may offer to any different building or landscape.

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