Why Rodent Removal Is More Important Than You Think

Rodent control is important, not just because having rodents in your home is undesirable, but because unwanted rodents can cause damage to your home, as well as potentially carrying diseases. The National Pest Management Association even estimates that 50% of our food supply could be destroyed if their populations aren’t kept in check by rodent removal methods.

Why Rodent Removal is Important

  • A standard rat can live for up to 2 years, and in that time can eat over one hundred pounds of food. Rats will get into anything edible that they can, and will even urinate to make their territory. Not only is that disgusting to find, but it can lead to a lot of ruined food if the problem is not taken care of.
  • Rats are destructive animals that like to chew in order to keep their teeth sharp. This means electrical insulation can be at risk in your home. If the insulation is compromised you could be at risk of electrical outages, or even fire. This safety hazard could be expensive to fix, depending on the extent of the damage, and is something that should be taken into consideration if you have rodent issues at your home.
  • In addition to electrical isolation, rodents can also cause damage to thermal insulation. This could mean your home is harder to heat in the winter, or harder to cool in the summer. These holes can also be used as entry ways for rodents in the future, even after the initial rodent removal has been undergone.
  • Rats urinate to mark their territory, and can defecate upwards of sixty times every day. Not only is this disgusting to discover, but it has the potential to spread sickness, and deadly diseases.
  • Speaking of these diseases, rats can harbor many, including:
    1. Leptospirosis This bacteria is transferred through contact with urine, and any food, or water contaminated by it. The bacteria can also enter from cuts in the skin, so take care when cleaning up any messes you may find. This disease can include mild to severe symptoms, the most severe of which are liver damage, kidney failure, and meningitis.
    2. Salmonellosis While you may think salmonella comes from uncooked foods, it can also be acquired through rodents via their feces. This can even be true for people who own rodents as pets. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly whenever handling anything that can be contaminated by droppings.
    3. Rat Bite Fever This illness is caused by a bacteria found in the mouth of rats or mice. A person can be infected by bites, scratches, or even food or drink that’s become contaminated. Antibiotics are usually used to clear up this illness, but it can be serious if left untreated.
  • Rodents can also damage your roof, which can not only promote water damage, but can allow more rodents to get in. If you’ve ever had squirrels in the attic, it’s advised to get your roofing checked out to insure there aren’t any additional entry points that haven’t been sealed.

Rodents can obviously be a huge problem for homeowners, which is why rodent removal is important to keep in mind if you are seeing any signs of an infestation. If you’ve noticed any droppings, holes, urine, nests, or unusual noises from inside the walls, it may be best to contact a rodent removal company. Even if it’s not a full blown infestation, taking care of any issues before they escalate can save you time and money in the future.

Damage from animals isn’t something to take lightly. Be aware of the condition of your home, and make sure all entry points are well sealed. The best way to insure you avoid an rodent infestation is to keep up with all maintenance around your home. Older homes will be more prone to rodent issues, and if you have any concerns you should have an inspection conducted. This will tell you what problems exist, and what steps can be done to rectify them.

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