Getting a Great Basement Remodeling Job Done

Homeowners, unlike those who rent their living spaces, have the option to revise and reshape their home’s interior as they wish, and this is known as remodeling. Additions may be put onto the home to form an entire new room, or foundation work may be done, or even deck construction to create a new social space on the back of the house in open air. A home remodeling job can involve the entire home, or it may involve remodeling one or two particular rooms, and some rooms are more popular than others for this kind of work. Crews of contractors can be hired to get this work done professionally, and they will have the right tools and materials on hand to complete the work to the customer’s satisfaction. Some rooms seem like unlikely candidates for a home remodel service, but it can be a lucrative thing to do. A basement remodel job, for example, can totally transform the home’s lowest space from something dark and cluttered into a pleasant and attractive room, and hiring crews for a basement remodel project can make a home feel much bigger.

House Remodeling In General

A basement remodel job is just the start. Statistics have been gathered to find out how often American homeowners remodel their homes, and where the remodeling is done, from one room to another. The kitchen and the bathroom, to name two, are among the most popular rooms to remodel, and it has been determined that homeowners remodel over 10.2 million kitchens and about 14.2 million bathrooms every single year. The bedroom is another target for home remodel services; a Houzz survey showed that about 60% of homeowners plan to remodel their master bedroom; after all, this is an intimate space where people sleep and change clothes and have private time, and of course, this room should be comfortable and attractive to be in. Remodeling can also be a great investment, since this job makes a home more attractive on the market when it is made for sale. Home Advisor has shown that a basement remodel job can, on average, represent a 70% return on investment, or ROI, and remodeling the bathroom can yield an ROI of similar numbers. And overall, remodeling is more popular than ever; the remodeling industry is expected to grow 2% per year up to the year 2025. What do these changes look like in the home?

Different Rooms

When the kitchen is remodeled, any number of items or surfaces can get new exteriors or be replaced entirely. The cabinets, while expensive to replace, can be very pleasing to look at and store items in, and cabinets with dirty or scratched doors may have those doors replaced entirely, which is a more cost-friendly alternative to replacing the entire cabinet. The floor tiles can be torn up and replaced with new ones, and appliances like the stove or fridge can be replaced. Even the countertops can be replaced, and smooth granite or marble are tough and attractive options for changing the countertops. In fact, remodeling the kitchen can lead to healthier living, since it is now cleaner and more fun to cook in this room.

The bedroom can bee remodeled with new carpets or wall paint or wallpaper, and the furniture can be updated with a bigger and more attractive bed, and the dressers, armoire, desks, or anything else can also be replaced. The windows could get new blinds or drapes, and lighting fixtures can be updated. The bathroom, meanwhile, can get new tiles or lighting fixtures, and the sink, bathtub, or shower can be replaced with newer, more water-efficient models, and plumbers can help with this.

A basement remodel job may involve clearing out all the items that are bound to have built up in the basement and recycling or donating them, and cleaning up the newly opened space, clearing out dust, spiderwebs, mold, pooled water, and anything else dirty or unsanitary found. Once clear and clean, the basement can have new lighting added, and even wooden floorboards, linoleum, or carpet to cover concrete floors. Furniture can be added to create a home entertainment center, or items for a hobby such as making music or assembling miniature models or sewing kits. The possibilities are endless.

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