Fixing the Mainline and Drain Lines for the Home

Any modern home or public building has a plumbing utility in it, and in fact plumbing dates as far back as the Roman Empire. Early forms of plumbing were used then, and such pipes were coated with lead (atomic symbol Pb). This, in fact, is the source of the modern term “plumbing.” But today’s drain line repair and sewer lines are more complex than anything that the Romans might have had, and any concerned homeowner should contact a plumbing company to effect drain line repair or sewer clog repair. Plumbing companies can be found in nearly any city or town, and a homeowner may look online for drain line repair services. A search online such as “San Diego plumbing company” may be a fine place to start, or “drain line replacement in Boston MA.” This may yield a whole list of local contractors whom the homeowner may choose from for drain line repair and more.

Problems With the Plumbing

Most plumbing issues in the home are too large and tricky for a homeowner to fix alone, so drain line repair or unclogging the mainline is best left to trained plumbers. For example, clogs may develop in the mainline or drain lines, and this can cause a lot of problems. Clogs prevent water flow, and this can back up one or more sinks, toilets, and more, which is a mechanical issue as well as unsanitary. In a sink, excess hair or trash may clog the drain line and prevent water flow, or a toilet may have the wrong items flushed in it. Toilet paper is meant to break down and dissolve in the sewage line to keep it clear, but items such as baby diapers, tobacco products, trash, feminine hygiene products, and moisturized hand towels will not break down. Instead, they may clog the toilet’s drain line, and backups will soon follow. And in the kitchen, the sewer main may get clogged when the homeowner repeatedly pours fats and oils down the sink. Such organic materials may cling to the sewer’s walls and harden into a plaster, and that can clog the sewer in a hurry.

Pipes may suffer mechanical issues as well. Earthquakes, rust, freezing water, or simple old age may crack them and cause leaks, and leaks will waste a lot of water per year and drive up the homeowner’s water bill. Estimates suggest that as much as one trillion gallons of water are lost every year from all American homes with leaks in them, a mammoth amount of water. In winter, still water in pipes may freeze and expand, and this cracks the pipes. When the ice melts, the pipes may start leaking. Leaking pipes not only waste water, but also cause water damage elsewhere, such as in drywall and electrical components. This, in turn, necessitates further costly repairs. Meanwhile, leaking water may build up and pool in the basement, and standing water fosters unwanted mold growth and may also damage concrete or furniture down in the basement. Leaking water from outside, during storms and rain, may have a similar effect. This is when plumbers are called in.

Hiring Plumbers

A concerned homeowner may, as mentioned above, look online to find local plumbers who can repair their pipes or clear out clogs and obstructions. For example, these plumbers may dig up an impaired sewer pain, open it, and remove the clog. This may even involve shutting off the plumbing and then replacing the entire pipe with a new one that is clear of cracks or clogs. Meanwhile, plumbers can work on a smaller scale as well, such as drain line repair for a sink, toilet, or even a bath tub. This work can be done indoors, and may not be as intrusive as digging up a sewer main. This allows the plumber to repair smaller clogs or blockages with ease.

Plumbers may also repair or replace leaking and damaged pipes, and this will block further water waste. These professionals may also replace old toilets, sinks, or faucets and shower heads with new, low-flow models that save water over time. And if need be, plumbers may also replace an old water heater with a new one to restore flow of hot water to the home.

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