What a Lot Clearing Service Can Do

A lot is simply a section of the ground that may bought and sold, and then used for whatever purpose the current owner intends. These are not to be confused with parking lots, which are simply a type of lot. More broadly, a lot is a square or rectangular section of a land, and it may range from a few thousand square feet to multiple acres or so. Lots can be bought and sold for a number of reasons, but some lots may need some work done on them before anything can be built on them. Today’s professional lot clearing services can be hired, and professional lot clearing services may offer crane services, brush chipping, large tree removal (and root removal), and more. This is practical and effective work to remove trees, tree stumps, and tree roots from a lot so that the ground is safe for the owner’s intended projects. When might professional lot clearing services be hired, and who may hire these professional lot clearing services?

Using a Lot

A section of land may be used for all sorts of purposes, and thus many different private owners may be interested in it. Construction companies, for example, may purchase a lot when they are preparing for a project, such as building a neighborhood, a skyscraper, a bank, a library, or nearly anything else. They are not the only ones looking for lots, however. City managers may purchase these lots and convert them into public parks, and old tree stumps may be removed so that a playground may be built or guests don’t have to look at ugly old tree stumps. In yet other cases, a homeowner with large front or back yards may call upon professional lot clearing services if they have a tree stump (or several) that they want removed. Even park rangers and reforestation crews may hire professional lot clearing services if they want to remove dead trees or tree stumps to make room for new saplings and other growth to be planted. Reforestation is a common practice today, but a tree can’t be planted right on top of an old ones.

These various parties have a lot of investment in their lot, and they need smooth, workable soil with which to work. Large, tough tree stumps or root networks, dead trees, and more may interfere with this work, and a house’s foundation can’t be built and concrete can’t be poured until those natural obstacles are removed. Thus, professional lot clearing services will be contacted and hired to get the job done right.

These professional lot clearing services will have the correct hardware and manpower to clear away tree-based obstacles, and this work may be difficult or dangerous for the client to attempt alone. Despite being organic and wooden, trees may be very tough and heavy, and removing the stumps or roots of dead trees may prove a massive challenge. So, these professional lot clearing services, and they can do this on a tight time table, too. These crews know what to do and can get a lot cleared quickly, essential if the client is on a tight schedule that they would miss if they attempted lot clearing alone. On top of that, the workers from these professional lot clearing services can recycle old tree stumps and roots; that is, they uproot such growths and then feed them to wood chippers and similar hardware. Wood chips are common for landscaping such as playgrounds, ensuring that the old wood is going to good use. Local regulations might have restrictions about wildlife destruction, and a lot owner may accidentally incur heavy fines if they remove any tree stumps that they find. By contrast, professional lot clearing services will know how to check this and coordinate with nature preservation agencies to avoid any illegal habitat destruction acts.

Tree root removal may be tricky when these roots are close to underground pipes or cables, so professional lot clearing services may be hired to carefully work around underground man-made items and remove the tree roots without causing any property damage. Lot owners and their workers may not have the precision necessary to remove those tree roots without also damaging property on the lot.

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