The Right Windows to Resist Hurricane Wind

A simple window replacement can have numerous benefits. Some people might want windows that will help their homes retain heat more effectively, giving them the opportunity to substantially reduce their household energy expenses. There are lots of cheap exterior windows that are still high-quality. The people who are changing windows in a house won’t necessarily end up spending a lot of money in the process.

All cheap quality windows will vary, and so will the cheapest place for windows. Some window materials are more expensive than others, and the window materials themselves will have a huge effect on the overall price of the windows. Many inexpensive windows are made from vinyl. However, people can also purchase aluminum windows at very low prices. Fiberglass windows also tend to be less costly than some of the other options that are available now.

While some people might want to change all of their windows at once, it might not be necessary. The people who do so will typically want to change their windows for aesthetic reasons. Individuals who have other reasons for getting new windows may only need to replace one or two of them. Still, if their current windows may get damaged by major weather events, they should consider replacing more of them.

Powerful acts of nature will always occur, and there is no way to prevent “nature’s fury,” as they call it. However, modern engineers and architects are hard at work creating new building methods that minimize damage to property during a storm or natural disaster, and this can make all the difference. Specialized foundations can help keep a building together during an earthquake, for example, and tough walls can keep a house intact after a tornado passes by. Meanwhile, meteorologists are always tracking and studying storms to better predict them and their movements, and this can aid evacuation efforts. Hurricanes, for example, may cause an entire city to evacuate to shelter or even leave the city limits. But what about the buildings? A skyscraper or hotel can’t evacuate, so instead, engineers make these structures resistant to the devastating effects of hurricanes. For example, high impact glass windows and hurricane impact doors will prevent wind blown debris from getting into buildings. Construction crews who are choosing hurricane proof windows will order high impact glass from manufacturers and get to work making hurricane-resistant buildings.

The Power of Hurricanes

It is clear why engineers devise high impact glass and hurricane proof sliding doors to use along coastal areas. Many studies show the devastating power that hurricanes wield, and even the smaller ones can devastate a coastal town or city. Hurricanes have powerful winds, trillions of gallons of rain water, and storm surges, and some of the largest storms have caused incredible destruction. What is more, some hurricanes are known to spawn tornadoes during their lifetime, and Hurricane Andrew, back in 1992, spawned 62 tornadoes during its lifetime. Overall, the 20th century saw 158 hurricanes strike in the Atlantic, and 57 of them struck Florida in particular.

Now, in the 21st century, data suggests that hurricanes are becoming even more powerful and frequent than ever. Many attribute this to climate change and a warming of the world’s oceans, as warm ocean water fuels storms like these. An example of this is Hurricane Irma, which struck in 2017 and stands as the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record. This mammoth storm contained seven trillion watts of energy and had 185 MPH winds for 37 hours. In its lifetime, Irma destroyed nearly 90% of the buildings in Barbuda and left 60% of the population there homeless. It is possible that a hurricane of this scale may strike again, so engineers are working to fight back. This is where high impact glass comes in.

Resisting Hurricanes

No one can actually prevent a hurricane from forming or redirect it, but engineering can minimize the damage. Levees, for example, may contain rising flood waters, and some buildings today have elevated foundations to allow flood waters to pass right under them. But what about wind and wind-blown debris? Specialized high impact glass can and often is installed in large public buildings such as skyscrapers, hotels and motels, apartments, adn the like. Most often, construction crews are the main customers for high impact glass, and during a project, crews will buy hurricane proof windows and sliding glass doors to install on a new building. In this way, a building is hurricane-resistant right from the start, and this is common along the Florida coast and among Caribbean islands.

Meanwhile, when someone purchases an older building in these hurricane-prone areas, they may perform an inspection and find out that the windows aren’t hurricane proof models, or the existing windows are old and loose. This is a major liability if a hurricane strikes, so the owner may contact renovators who will install new, tougher hurricane proof windows and frames. The same may be done for sliding glass doors. To be specific, windows and glass doors with an impact resistant glaze system of +105/-130 can resist hurricane winds over 100 MPH in strength, and such glass may also allow wind blown debris to bounce right off. Otherwise, windows may shatter under the pressure, and flying glass shards can shred the building’s interior. That, and rain and water will ruin the interior too, which calls for extensive repairs. But high impact glass can prevent all that.

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