This One Tip Will Save You Money on Plumbing Maintenance

Constantly monitoring your plumbing means being on the lookout for minor issues. As you know, small issues don’t stay small. The common issue of leaks are a major concern in plumbing with how quickly the problem grows. For example, the average American family will use over 300 gallons of water daily in their home. According to the EPA, the average household will lose up to 180 gallons of water per week from unknown water leaks. Overall, you are paying for over half-a-day’s worth of water you do not get to use.

Water Heater Maintenance

A good place to check for leaks is your water heater. Most likely, you’ll find the tank’s temperature and pressure relief valve is loose. Overheating or excessive pressure can cause the valve to loosen. Before running with this idea, call a plumbing service, as there are a few other causes for a leaky water heater. There could be loose inlet or outlet pipes, or sediment corrosion at the bottom of your tank. A plumber will give you the best assessment, and possibly point out the hidden problems increasing your bills every month.

After receiving an assessment and taking care of the water heater leak, you want to continue your water heater maintenance. The best maintenance is proactive and attentive maintenance. As an example, draining your water heater. In the opinion of experts, draining and removing the sediment from your water heater should be done at least once a year. Maintenance is the easiest way to avoid the ultimate bill, water heater replacement.

Don’t Forget Your Drains

A bonus tip to consider is checking your drains. Clogged drains are another common problem that better taken care of sooner than later. Naturally, clogged drains being a common issue mean drain cleaning is a usual service. Healthy, unclogged drains ensure waste water will flow and not cause problems in your plumbing system.

To break up the gunk a bit, you can use hot water and dish soap. This will help the drains be easier to deal with later.

Care About Your Plumbing System

Protecting your plumbing system will help you save money on plumbing maintenance. Water heaters and drains are great places to start. Consult with experts to give your plumbing system the most accurate and effective care. You’ll find plumbing maintenance much easier and less expensive when you address the right issues.

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