Are You Considering Installing an Elevator in Your Building? This is What You Need to Know

If you have installed an elevator in your building, keeping it clean isn’t where it ends. You have to take the elevator unit through regular maintenance to protect its lifespan and to ensure that users are always safe. Regular maintenance is your responsibility as the building’s owner and proprietor.

You must contact a competent commercial elevator installation service to install your elevators. You should also hire a professional elevator company to repair and do due maintenance regularly on your lifts. However, before you do so, this is what you need to know about commercial elevator and residential lifts maintenance.

a) Your Elevators are Subject to Yearly Inspections

Elevators have to be inspected at least once a year, in compliance with federal and state regulations. Conducting regular maintenance and repairs will ensure that your elevators pass the inspections. Make sure you charge a professional commercial elevator installation company with the responsibility of doing your elevator repairs for you.

You should not wait until the inspection is right around the corner before starting your repair and maintenance campaign, as this is likely to lead to more costly repairs and to endanger your tenants’ lives. After passing your inspection, you will receive a certificate of operation, which you can then post on the unit’s wall.

b) Make Sure the Lift Motor Room is in Order

The lift motor room, also called the elevator machine room is a space dedicated to housing elevator controller and drives. Your lift motor room should be self-closing and should have a lock system to ensure the general public doesn’t have access. It should also boast of adequate lighting.

Make sure that your elevator machine room is not being used as a storage room, since this is a fire hazard, and is always kept clean. A commercial elevator installation company can help you put your machinery room in order, but you must maintain it as such.

c) Make Sure Elevator Units are in Top Working Conditions

Conducting due maintenance on your elevator units could prove to be crucial in the long run. It helps you understand the state of your elevators and gives you a clear picture of what elevator repairs your lift needs.

Maintenance could shine a light on any one of the following issues:

  • Broken pit or top lights
  • Debris or water in the elevator pit
  • Dirty car traps.
  • Malfunctioning emergency lights
  • Missing door restrictor

d) Conduct Regular Maintenance

As the owner, manager, or proprietor of your building, you are obliged to consider facility and passenger safety. Adopt a proactive attitude towards elevator maintenance to ensure you are always ahead of whatever repair issues that may arise. Doing so will save you from costly repairs in the future and keep your tenants safe.

You should always ask yourself whether your elevators are due for an upgrade. However, make sure to schedule elevator maintenance and repairs during off days, since repairs disrupt normal operations and inconvenience tenants.

e) Know Your Problem Spots

You should have a clear picture of how your elevator units function so you can anticipate the problematic areas. For example, most calls to commercial elevator installation companies concern faulty or malfunctioning doors. Knowing firsthand what problems your elevators are likely to have puts you in a better position to handle repairs and maintenance.

Final Words

America is currently home to more than 700, 000 elevators. This has helped make buildings and services accessible to people who find it hard to climb many flights of stairs, especially older and disabled citizens. However, it defeats the purpose if you have an elevator system that puts its passengers at risk.

This is why you ought to hire an experienced, highly rated commercial elevator installation service to put in lifts in your building. You must also actively maintain your elevators since all these people’s lives are in your hands.

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