Where Does The American Real Estate Industry Go From Here? Commercial Excavation Services

The real estate industry isn’t dead. Far from it. More people than ever want to live somewhere comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

Demolition companies have plenty of work ahead of them over the next decade. Not only are there more homes to build to welcome the flood of new home buyers, there are outdated properties that need removing. Commercial excavating isn’t always an all-or-nothing job, either. Sometimes it’s just a backyard that needs shrinking or a lot that could use a spitshine. Whatever needs to be done, excavation contractors need to be up to the job.

What are the most common services provided by commercial excavation companies today? Look below and learn about what lies ahead in the American real estate market.

The construction industry is going through another boom. Thanks to the amount of homes that either need building or renovating, the demand for construction workers is expected to hold steady. A 2017 study determined over eight million people were employed in the American construction industry — these jobs include (but aren’t limited to) painters, excavators, architects, contractors, and brush clearing professionals. With a market share of 10%, the United States is the second largest construction market around. What does this mean for you?

Demolition isn’t nearly as expensive or messy as it looks on the surface. Sometimes it’s just easier to start over from scratch instead of constantly tweaking and fussing with an outdated structure. Commercial demolition generally costs less than 2% of the replacement cost of a building, according to industry estimates. Compare this to the cost of building a foundation for a home, which wavers between 7% to 15% of the total. Commercial excavation provides a reliable process that gets everything done as fast — and efficiently — as possible.

Efficiency isn’t just speed. It’s also reusing recyclable materials to cut down on costs and reduce strain on the industry at large. More and more excavation companies are incorporating eco-friendly practices into their model. While paper, wood, and stainless steel are the most commonly reused, plenty other materials can be put back into the economy. Brick, plastic, microfiber, concrete, and certain types of glue are just a few that should be looked into when calling a service.

On top of excavation companies, exterior design has a significant window of opportunity opening up soon. Not only do more homes need to be built, pre-existing homes need to start saving money. A home’s value can increase by 7% just by adding a pool before the selling point, according to a study by HouseLogic. Other popular exterior design additions include trees, shrubbery, and gardens. Even just boosting the health of the front lawn can do wonders to improve curb appeal.

Commercial excavation is going through some changes. Over 35% of today’s homebuyers are doing so for the first time, with smaller budgets than previous generations. Major cities are also starting to see a decline in new residents thanks to mounting housing costs. When homes aren’t needing replacing, they’re needing remodeling. Today’s best commercial excavating companies should provide a mixture of green ideals and speedy business practices.

There are more than enough resources in today’s real estate industry. Find the right ones by reaching out to a commercial excavating contractor in your area.

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