Why You Should Use a Concrete Sealer

Once reserved for utility spaces such as the basement and the garage, concrete is slowly yet steadily making its way to modern home interiors. It’s particularly favored for its incredible durability and sustainability. It’s also prized for its affordability and easy customizability. For instance, if you are working towards a modern and sleek look, you can have a concrete floor stamped to mimic tiles. However, even though durable, concrete is susceptible to moisture problems such as mold. Therefore, if you opt for concrete floors for your interiors, it’s wise you choose a good concrete sealer to go along with it.

Why Paint and do Concrete Sealing

Painting and concrete sealing are mainly beneficial because;

Increase Durability

Concrete is incredibly durable. However, it is often subject to moisture problems and tends to wear out over time. Concrete sealing solves the problem as it inhibits mold growth and also forms a protective layer, further enhancing its durability.

Extends the Life of Your Concrete Floor

On average, a concrete floor can last up to two or three decades. However, it is porous by nature and tends to be highly susceptible to moisture problems such as mold and mildew. Over time, it also tends to experience cracking and discoloration. If you don’t take any step to protect it, then you may have to replace it even before it achieves the average lifespan. The scenario is, however, different if you apply an anti-slip floor point and a concrete sealer because, as noted, it provides a layer of protection.

It Promotes Stain Resistance

Besides mold and mildew, concrete floors are also susceptible to staining from fats and other liquid spills. Applying paint and a concrete sealer often creates a smooth protective layer. As a result, any spills, whether from your child’s favorite soft drink or fats in the kitchen, cannot be absorbed. The smooth surface also help reduce dust, which would normally be a result of foot traffic.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Interior Concrete Floor

Other than the above-listed benefits, painting allows you to transform an ordinary concrete floor into an aesthetically pleasing and unique one. Nonetheless, not all kinds of paint can work on your floor. You must pay careful consideration to the kind of paint you choose as you are going to be using it on your interiors. That said, here are some pointers to help you you make the right decision.

Go for Anti-Slip Paint

While painting your floor, remember that this is a surface you are going to be stepping on every time you are in your house. Also, keep in mind that the best bit about painting is it becomes smoother. On the one hand, this is a good thing as it creates a sleek appearance. On the other hand, it makes you more prone to slipping and falling. Therefore, go for a concrete sealing paint product that boasts anti-slip properties so you and your loved ones can be safe.

Consider the Smell-Factor

VOCs are the volatile organic compounds present in most paint products, which are usually responsible for the paint fumes. Besides the smell, VOCs are harmful to human health. For instance, exposure to VOC raises the likelihood of an expectant woman giving birth to a child with defects. Therefore, while shopping, only looks for the best low VOC paints. If possible, only opt for zero VOC paint products.

The Paint Color

Another important factor to consider while shopping for the best air cleaning paint for your concrete floor is the color. Keep in mind; the color also tends to affect the resale value of your home. For instance, a report by Zillow shows that homes with blue painted bathrooms sold at an unexpectedly higher price. Therefore, carefully consider the paint color and go for one that not only appeals to you but also blends with your décor.

Other than décor color matching, other important factors to consider while choosing paint color include lighting, the room orientation, undertone, and the mood you want to set in that particular space.


While choosing your paints, also consider the environment. The VOCs mentioned earlier are usually harmful to the environment. So stay away from them and only go for eco-friendly paint.

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