Are You in Search of a Commercial or Presidential Roofing Contractor?

This has been the strangest of winters.

Living in the midwest you are accustomed to the snow that is often part of the winter months, but the first real snow that you got this year was unlike most that you have seen in the past. This one was a wet and heavy snow followed by a pretty significant layer of ice. This meant that your home, more than any time in the 23 years that you have lived here, has been tested.
It failed.

As a result of the wet and heavy snow your home developed several leaks. Leaks that could have been much worse if you did not notice them right away, but leaks none the less. As a result, you had to make some quick contact with some highly qualified licensed contractors. You needed immediate answers and solutions to the leaks and you also needed a plan for the long term work that will need to be done.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Services Can Help Clients Get the Results That They Need

Whether your roof problems are annoying leaks or an entire roof replacement, it is important to work with licensed contractors who are known for not only their quality work, but also standing behind the work that they perform. Taking the time to invest in the very best residential roof repair is an important decision for any home owner. Fortunately, the money that you invest in a new roof on either a business or a home is an opportunity to make sure that you are increasing the overall value of your property

Roofing companies offer a number of different kinds of products and the materials that you select should be determined by the kind of climate where you live, as well as the and kind of restrictions that are part of a neighborhood covenant. When you work with the most qualified licensed contractors you can often rely on them to make sure that you are selecting the right roofing materials for both your price range and your location.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the roofing industry and the impact that hiring the best licensed contractors can impact the economy of the nation:

  • 23% of home owners admit they never inspect their roof or have it inspected unless there is a problem.
  • Further research indicates that home owners are most likely to repair roofs following weather damage. In fact, 65% of home owners indicate that it weather was their main motivation, according to information gathered in a consumer survey.
  • A proper roof cleaning is a worthwhile investment as they allow the home owner to maximize their shingle life for as long as 20 to 25 years, sometimes even more.
  • A new asphalt shingle roof has a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 62%.
  • Although they are not common in many residential settings, metal roofs are credibly proven to last more than 30 years with minimal maintenance. another advantage of these kinds of roofing materials is that they are virtually 100% recyclable when they are removed and replaced.

If you are faced with the task of replacing your roof you likely know that you need to make a substantial investment. Finding the right roofing contractor, of course, is the first task. That contractor can make the rest of the job easier. The contractor can, for instance, help either a commercial or residential property owner know what kind of the materials that will work the best. Different parts of the country obviously experience different kinds of weather and these conditions make it necessary to have the right roofing materials in place. Knowing that there are materials that can withstand hail and high winds, in fact, can allow you to make sure that you are investing in the right roof for your particular property.

For most home owners, the house that they purchase is the largest investment that they will ever make. As a result of tis reality, it is important to not only pay for the highest quality materials when you need to make repairs, but also invest in the most qualified contractors as well. From roofs to the plumbing and the electrical work, every choice matters.

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