How to Prevent Copper Pipe Corrosion

As soon as water runs through your new copper pipes, they will begin to decay, rust, and weaken over time. Therefore it’s highly important to prevent pipe corrosion to avoid future repair costs and hassles. In this video, you’ll learn how to prevent copper pipe erosion.

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Water Chemistry

Believe it or not, the chemical makeup of your water will play the biggest role in your copper pipes. Although it’s not obvious, your water makeup will never be the same as your neighbor’s or anyone else’s water. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your water is being treated properly and to measure the makeup of your water so you can correctly protect your copper pipes.

Water Stagnation

Thinking of taking a vacation or not using certain faucets to prevent water usage? Doing so may mean that trapped water becomes stagnant thus allowing for further corrosion and decay in your copper pipes. Although you may have saved a buck or two for your water bill, your new copper pipe installation will be much more expensive.

Water Velocity

Another problem to look out for is the velocity or speed of your water. If your water is being pumped too fast it can eat away at the inside of your copper pipes, thus leading to corrosion.

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