Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

In this YouTube video, This Old House illustrates how to clean vinyl siding. It can get dirty, accumulate grime, and grow algae if ignored.

A power washer is an aggressive way to clean vinyl siding and can damage the siding if a person isn’t used to using it. Proper use comes down to choosing the right tips. Beginners should start with a 40-degree tip if unfamiliar with the tool.

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Place a cleaning solution like water and soap or vinegar and water in a bucket. Insert the black tip into the pressure washer as it’s designated to spray the cleaning solution first.

Turn on the machine. Spray the cleaning solution evenly across the surface, starting from the bottom. Turn off the pressure washer when finished and replace the black tip with the 40-degree tip. Turn the machine on and begin spraying evenly from the top down, in even strokes.

It’s vital the person cleaning the house siding wears safety goggles to avoid blowback. Ensure all the windows are firmly closed. If there are any outlets on the outside walls, it’s required that the breaker be shut off and the outlet protected from the liquid. If not, that side of the home should not be sprayed. Stay at least three feet away from what is being cleaned to stay drier and safer.

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