How Is a Septic System Installed?

Municipal sewer systems are not always available, in those cases, septic field installations have to be considered. This Old House video addresses one of the highly complex septic field installations. In most cases, a septic system contains a tank, a few pipes, and a leech field.

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However, not every system is quite that simple.

In this video you are taking through the step-by-step process and design of complicated septic field installations. This project was especially difficult because of the close proximity to a body of water. It required specialized design elements that use a combination of high-tech design with the use of bacteria.

Septic systems are an essential part of many homes. This video explains some of the challenges that installers face when installing a septic system and the steps that they can take to overcome some of the challenges. It is interesting to see how involved the process can be to simply flush your commode and not have to worry about it.

This system was designed to efficiently dispose of waste with an eye on environmental protection. Watch as design solutions are presented that help the homeowner to have a safe, highly effective, waste system that uses both technology and nature.


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