What is the Best Way to Clean Tile and Grout

Tiles look great and are water resistant, making them popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens. However, cleaning them and the grout in between the tiles, can be tricky. The popular YouTube channel TileCoach describes the best way to clean tile and grout.

Unfortunately, the best way to clean tile and grout is to hire a professional cleaning service. They are able to provide the right machinery to deliver the three things tiles and grout need to be clean — heat, pressure and suction.

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Professional alkaline tile and grout cleaners are sprayed down to loosen up the dirt. Hot, pressurized water is able to lift off dirt and grime. The mess is then suctioned up so it does stay in the grout.

Mopping may make tiles and grout look better, but only for the short term. Mopping pushes dirty water into the grout. The grout holds onto the dirty water, making it discolored and moldy over time.

After a professional cleaning, damp mopping helps the tile and grout look good. If your tile is made out of porous materials like natural stone, they need to be sealed. They need to be resealed every one to three years. Grout should always be sealed, which can be done right after a professional cleaning.

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