Learn How to DIY A Concrete Pour

Concrete companies can make a lot of money off of homeowners who hire them to pour even small slabs of concrete. They send a cement truck to provide and pour concrete. And a work crew does all of the labor.

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That all adds up to a lot of money. As the accompanying video affirms, it is possible for homeowners to handle their own concrete pours for many projects.

Whether a property owner is looking to pour a patio, add some landscaping accents, or secure fenceposts, it is possible to do the job as a home DIY project. It just takes some bags of cement, water, and something to mix up the concrete. Most people use a wheelbarrow in which they open up one or more bags of cement and add water. Some stirring will help to create the ideal mix, just like the concrete companies do for their customers but with mixing trucks.

Once the concrete is the right consistency, it can go into the hole in which the form is placed. When pouring a concrete slab, a 2×4 piece of lumper can help to skim the excess . That is just like the concrete companies do with more workers.

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