What Are Some Helpful Roofing Terms Everyone Should Know

Roofing is a specialized job, and there are many terms associated with it that a homeowner may not be familiar with. The video, ’15 (actually 16) roofing terms you need to know Pro Exteriors and Construction’, discusses the following helpful roofing terms, among others:

Square is a term used by roofers to describe the area of space under a roof. It is usually measured in square feet.

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So, if you have a 10 by 10 room, it would be 100 square feet.

Decking is a process of applying felt paper to the area beneath the shingles, usually on top of the sheathing. This helps provide drainage by allowing water to pass through rather than collect under shingles.

The eaves of a building refer to the part of a wall where water from rain runs downward from the point on the wall just above it. In America, this is called a cornice.

Ice and Water Shield
Ice and water shield material is an underlayment used in single-ply or built-up flat membrane systems that require a water-resistant barrier between the layers to stop leaks and moisture damage.

Ridge Vent
A ridge vent is a ventilation device installed on the ridgeline of a sloping roof to dissipate moisture from the underside of an exterior roof covering the open air.

As a result of the importance of roofs in every building, there is a significant need to familiarize yourself with roofing terms.

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