Know These Tips For Getting A Roof Installed

Roof installation can be hard for the inexperienced, but your project goes as planned with these steps for roof installation.

Step 1: At the edge of the roof, make a line on top of the aluminum drip edge flush and put a pencil line from one end to the other. This is your chalk line.

Step 2: To get a straight edge, snap a line between the two marks you’ve made in step one.

Step 3: Pull the aluminum drip edge flush about a half-inch to leave a space between the fascia board and the drip edge.


Step 4: Hammer galvanized nails on both sides to secure the drip edge onto the fascia board.

Step 5: Layer out the 30-pound asphalt roofing felt paper on top of the drip edge and slowly hammer down one nail on each side, including the middle part of the felt paper; this will serve as the release for the roof heating and shingles.

Step 6: Use a tape measure to lay out the design for the shingles or use a straight snapping chalk line.

Step 7: Your shingles will be 12-inches, so be sure to mark up 12 inches from the edge of the roof for the first course of shingles.

Step 8: Use the chalk line to snap on a 5-inch increment horizontal line, and another vertical 6-inch increment as this will be the spots where you will place your next course of shingles.


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