The Most Common Mistakes About Roofing Shingles

One fear many homeowners have has to do with their roofs. Any issue with a roof could cause other significant damages to the home and its foundation. Especially after a roof installation, homeowners should look over the work done by the roofing contractors in detail. There are many mistakes that could happen during a roof installation and this video discusses five of the most common.

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This video talks about common mistakes that are found when installing asphalt shingles. The first mistake this roofing contractor has noticed is doing an incorrect nail pattern. When installing a roof, using the right amount of nails is key. This will help the shingles properly protect the home from rain and allow them to stay connected for a longer time.

Another mistake is using shingles for a flat roof. Shingles are built to allow moisture to slip down and off the roof. But, when they are on flat roofs, it’s not possible for the liquid to slip off.

Continue watching this video to learn the last three common mistakes that contractors make while installing asphalt shingles. Keep these in mind when you are looking for a roofing contractor and inspecting your roof.


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