Types of Remediation Equipment

Remediation equipment encompasses a wide variety of machinery used for the removal of contaminants from soil or groundwater. Types of remediation equipment include earth movers such as backhoes and bulldozers, trucks or railcars for transport, pumps for the movement of liquids, aeration and sparging machinery, filtration equipment, and combustion systems such as rotary kilns and infrared combustors. For large scale projects, several types of equipment may be used together.

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Remediation equipment for combustion processes solids contaminated with volatile organic compounds such as petroleum products. A rotary kiln burns off volatile materials in a rotating cylinder equipped with an afterburner and a method for capture and cleansing of exhaust gases such as a bag house or scrubber. Infrared combustion is accomplished with electrically powered silicon carbide rods at very high temperatures. Contaminated materials move on a conveyor belt to pass through the radiant heat from the rods and burn off combustible constituents.

The remediation of a large site can take years and involve a variety of technologies. Some remediation equipment such as aerators and spargers work very gradually to clean polluted soil and water and may require multiple treatment cycles.

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