Understanding the Process of Installing Security Doors

When you own a home, it’s vital that you take every step possible to ensure you and your loved ones can remain safe. One step many homeowners take to increase the security of their properties is to install security doors. A security door is a great way to deter unwanted visitors and prevent a potential break-in. This article will take a look at the installation process for security doors.

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The first step of the process is to get the proper measurements for your door frame, including how far it’s off the ground. From here, you want to cut two wooden blocks so they’re the same height as the bottom of the door frame. From here, you’ll want to place the door on the blocks because it will help you simplify the attachment process. Next is to confirm the placement, ensuring that you leave enough space between the door and the door mount. Here, while the frame is in place, you’ll want to predrill the holes so when you move the frame out of the way you can finish drilling them further in and prepare to add the bolts.

For more information on the installation process for security doors, please review the attached video.

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