How to Unclog a Drain

Insights from this video shed light on multiple techniques for drain cleaning. To commence the reporter’s advice when unclogging a toilet, use caution before using a plunger directly, particularly due to possible bends in the toilet that might lead to complications. Instead, leveraging a closet augur might do the trick.

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It is recommended for more effective unclogging, particularly in cases where multiple toilets are interconnected through highway plumbing.

Next, the reporter transitioned to sink unclogging methods. One would want to cover the hole or utilize an auger to go through the pipes more effectively, ensuring a more comprehensive reach. Additionally, regarding unclogging tubs, the reporter highlights the oversight of plunging directly straight through the piping. Instead, employing the auger at an angle is advocated, specifically targeting the trap where clogs tend to accumulate. Additionally, it’s advised to simultaneously run both water and the wire through the entire plumbing system for thorough unclogging.

Lastly, the reporter introduces hydrojetting, a specialized tool designed explicitly for handling clogs. The reporter accentuates its capability to apply hydraulic force through a small hole, directing pressure precisely to the location of the obstruction. Furthermore, the reporter dissuades the use of chemicals down drains and advocates for mechanical devices due to their noted efficiency in unclogging drains across different areas within a household.


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