What Type of Metal Roofing Is Best for Your Home?

If you’re considering giving your home a fresh look, you might want to pick metal roofing. This guide covers the most popular roof type – asphalt shingles. You’ll also see several metal roof choices.

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They come in all sorts of styles. You can make them look like slate or opt for metals like copper or zinc.


One thing you’ll like about them is that they’re strong and can last for many years. They’re tough against fire, bugs, and moisture. On the other hand, metal roofing is easy to care for. Some variants reflect heat from the sun, which can help you save on energy bills. What’s more, it’s recyclable.


Steel roofs are tough as nails and widely available. They’re a good option if you live in a place with rough weather. You can count on them to handle hail and heavy rain. Plus, manufacturers often coat this roofing material to resist rust, making them low maintenance.


Then there’s aluminum – lightweight and rust-resistant, it’s perfect for coastal areas. The roofing material is at home, where salty air can cause havoc on other metals. Another thing it’s super easy to install, which might save you some cash on labor. If you’re after something with a bit of flair, copper might be your jam.


It’s got that timeless, elegant look that’ll make your house stand out. Sure, it’s a bit pricier, but you’re paying for style. And there’s zinc. It’s durable, eco-friendly, and has a cool, weathered look that some folks find attractive. Like steel, it’s pretty low maintenance.


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