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Finding the Perfect Carport Solution

Car port

The earliest steel dates to about 4,000 years ago, but has been refined to be one of several near perfect building materials. As the engineering improvements begin to grow, steel garage buildings and carports are becoming more popular. Discrete car ports began with the introduction by architects of the Prairie School around 1909, but they serve a wide range of uses based on their ease of construction and affordability. You can identify the best steel carports and metal garage kits with some preliminary research.

Building steel carports gives added protection from the sun, wind, snow and hail for your cars, RVs or other vehicles and can be designed to complement your existing structures. You may want to start your research by t

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Kitchen, Baths Most Remodeled in American Homes

Bathroom remodel cost

With some planning you could have a small home improvement projects, such as a small bathroom remodel, knocked out in less than a day. Planning, materials, measuring and assembling in a small enough space is a do it yourself project most are willing to take on.

Generating about $47 billion in annual revenue, the U.S. home remodeling industry is booming. Of this, a majority is invested in kitchen and the bathroom remodels, the most popular rooms Americans remodel. This is because kitchens and bathrooms are not only the most universally used rooms for guests and entertaining, they are also the most stylized. And what frequently changes in style, frequently goes out of style.

Research shows the average cost of bathroom remodel in the United States is $12,175. For a small bathroom remodel, however, Ameri

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What is the Right Screw to Finish My Project

Hex head bolts dimensions

If you are looking at your next home improvement project, make sure to find the right type of screw. The right type of screw will ensure your project stays healthy longer, but saves you time of not having to fix your mistakes. Check out a variety of screws, including square head bolts and specialty screws and bolts, for your next project.

There is no universally accepted distinction between a screw and bolt. There are several different types of screws available to you on a project. ASME standards specify a variety of “Machine Screws” in diameters ranging up to 0.75 inches or 9.05 mm. Hex Cap Screws and Hex Cap Bolts are similar, but they differ mostly in that they are manufactured to tighter tolerances than the c

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How to Find an Electrician

Electrical construction and maintenance

When it comes to remodeling or repairing your home, most people think about redecorating the living room or fixing their leaky sink. And while there’s nothing wrong with a fresh coat of paint or hiring a plumber, there are a number of other repairs, tests, and checks you should perform to make sure your home is running effectively and safely. For example, have you checked your home’s building electrical system design recently?

Home electrical fires account for around 51,000 fires in the United States every year.The cause of these fires varies, but the average residential electrical wiring is subjected to a number of factors that can endanger your family and your home electrical service; one of these factors is the accumulation of rust or moisture on an electrical service panel. If yo

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Time to Switch to Organic Lawn Care

Lawn maintenance chicago

You have made the decision, this is the year your lawn becomes the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. In order to get a jump on the competition, you must think differently. The best way to make your lawn stand out is to use an organic lawn care service. Organic lawncare cares for your landscaping without the use of harsh chemical inputs such as pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Organic lawn care services use a variety of green methods to keep your landscaping looking nicer than anyone in the neighborhood. Organic lawn care can include the use of beneficial insects to prevent the infestation of pests such as crane fly larvae and ants. An organic

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