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Time to Get Hurricane Ready in 3 Steps

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If you’re not curious about how to get ready for a hurricane, you should be!

While this winter’s record-breaking sub-zero temperatures make it seem like the cold weather will never end, it’s important to realize that hurricane season is only a few short months away. As such, winter is the perfect time to begin stocking up and planning for the upcoming hurricane season. So now the question is, are you prepared and if not, how do you plan to be?

So if you’re wondering how to get ready for a hurricane, here are a few simple tips to help you start preparing your home for a hurricane.

Create a family hurricane preparedness guide

Creating a hurricane preparedness plan or guide is an essential part of properly preparing for the hurricane season. Your Learn more ...

Three Great Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality and Breathe Easier

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Many of us think that air pollution is an issue that only affects urban areas; we don’t often think about the idea of air pollution in our own homes. However, the air inside our homes, offices and other buildings is just as prone to reduced air quality. For children, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions, prolonged exposure to this indoor air pollution can have negative effects.

Even if you’re an adult at peak health, you can still benefit immensely by working to combat indoor air pollution. Make the air within your home clean, pure and easy-to-breathe by taking these three steps to improve indoor air quality:

Regularly change your air conditioning filters

When was the last time you put new air filters in your home’s heating and air conditioning syste

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Why to Consider Sliding Vinyl Windows for Your Home

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Looking to upgrade the appearance of your home? Have you considered a new entry door or replacing your windows? Sliding vinyl patio doors can open up a room and allow the outdoors to feel a part of your indoors, no matter what the season is! If you’re replacing windows or choosing windows for your new home, you should consider a vinyl window replacement. There are plenty of reasons to look into a vinyl windows company–everything from improving your home’s aesthetic to reducing your heating and energy bill.
Why Vinyl Windows?
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4 Things Everyone Should Know about Buying Bathroom Equipment

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It’s great to have all the great bathroom fixtures we have available to us today, including things like modern toilets and bathtubs that can really make a difference in our daily routines. One of the best features of a new toilet design known as pressure assist toilets is their improved water efficiency. Switching to water efficient toilets and other bathroom fixtures can actually save you a ton of money in the long run — about $50 to $100 a year on water and wastewater bills for the average American family. High efficiency toilets are great because they combine minimum water usage with maximum flushing power, which means that they will work to reduce your impact on the environment.

However, when purchasing bathroom equipment

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Are HVAC Maintenance Agreements Really Worth the Cost?

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Even the best heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to operate well. With proper maintenance, new HVAC systems can last an average of 12-15 years.

One of the heating and air conditioning services many HVAC contractors provide is a maintenance agreement. These heating and air conditioning service contracts allow you to pay a set fee for the company to provide ongoing maintenance, checkups and tuneups on a regular basis. You could receive a checkup at the start of the winner and summer season, or just onc

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