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How to Protect Your Basement From Detrimental Water Damage

Foundation repair

Home repair can be a costly and time-consuming pain. But if you ignore aspects of your home that need fixing, you can face dire consequences and more costly solutions in the future. One prime example of home repair that needs fast attending is repairing cracks in foundation walls. While cracks in your concrete foundation generally don’t pose threats to the structural integrity of your home, even the thinnest cracks can make for entry points for unwanted substances, such as groundwater and gas.
Repairing cracked foundations within your home can be an especially pressing issue f

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Practical and Pristine Why Hardwood Flooring is the Best Flooring Design Option

Rochester ny flooring

Hardwood flooring is an excellent flooring option for a number of spaces in your home or office, as it provides a number of practical and aesthetic benefits. This article will offer you the basics of hardwood flooring, and some practical tips to help you get started on your next hardwood floor installation project.
Hardwood is a versatile flooring material that comes in many colors and styles. Hardwood is typically available by wood type, and each type has a different hardness rating. For example, with hardness ratings of 600-900, fir and pine are some of the softest wood types, and woods like red walnut and brazilian teak are considered some of the hardest, with a rating of 2500-3500.

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Reinvigorate Your Home With New Floors

How much is new carpet

There are so many options when it comes to floors. Some people prefer hardwood floors for a sleeker and more authentic look while others prefer carpet to bring color and softness to a room. Whatever your preference, if you’re thinking about changing up your floors it’s useful to have a grasp of the cost of installation for both hardwood and carpeted floors, as well as how each type of floor is installed.

How to Install a Carpet.

There are several professionals out there who know how to install a carpet properly. They typically use tack strips, which are strip

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Hardwood Isn’t Your Only Option 3 Flooring Types Will Blow Your Mind

Tile flooring ideas

So you’re thinking of selling your home and putting new floors in, especially since you’ve heard the statistics on hardwood flooring: home buyers are more likely to spend up to $2,000 more if it has wooden flooring and that over half of Americans are considering adding hardwood flooring to their houses at some point, according to a study done by Market Watch. If everyone is doing it, it must be lucrative, right? Wrong. For that extra $2,000 a potential buyer might spend, the average cost to put in hardwood floors in the first place is about $5,800. And that’s the average price. While hardwood flooring might look classy and sophisticated, there are other options out there that can achieve

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Three Shocking Signs Your Home is In Need of a Sewer Line Replacement

Cured in pipe placement

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