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Tips to Save on Heating And Cooling Services

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Are you one of the millions of homeowners in America trying to save money on heating and cooling services? There are ways to achieve this without hiring furnace and ac repair company! Below are several quick, do-it-yourself tricks for your large heating and cooling appliance that you can start doing today to start saving money on your heating and cooling costs:

Cost Saving Tips for Your Furnace

The easiest way to save money on your heating costs if you have a furnace is to change the filters regularly. Some specialists suggest changing a furnace filter every three months while others suggest monthly. The least you can do is to just take a look at the filter after every 30

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6 Signs of Water Damage All Homebuyers Should Know

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Probably one of the most stressful aspects of buying a new house is not knowing whether it has hidden damage that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road. And water damage — along with things like foundation and electrical problems — is one of the top concerns for prospective homeowners. Of course, the smartest thing you can do is find an inspector you can trust; buying a home is a big real estate decision, and having a professional home inspector look for signs of water damage should be an absolute must. Still, it can’t hurt to be able to recognize some of th

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To the Future and Beyond Revolutionizing Home Ownership Through Sustainable Solar Energy

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Solar energy is going mainstream: fifteen times every hour, a new homeowner installs a solar panel array on or next to their home. In the next year, that number is set to accelerate to three times every minute. Solar energy has dropped drastically in price in the last decade and solar panel cost is now one-fifth of what it was just seven years ago.

Not only are many states offering a property tax incentive for the installation of solar panels, there are also energy loan programs available across the country in some areas. Types of solar panels can vary, as can individual solar panel cost, but the idea of living in a s

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Is Your Drinking Supply At Risk? How to Tell When Your Drinking Well Needs a Checkup

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Although the idea of accessing drinkable ground water via a well has been around for quite a while — experts in Germany discovered a wood-lined well that was estimated to be over 7,000 years old — the idea that a well is part of an organic ecosystem and should be periodically measured for health is a relatively new one.

Signs of distress in a well include disturbing smells, such as rotting eggs or mold. It is possible for a well to become contaminated with bacteria that can stain clothes, cause abdominal distress, and threaten the groundwater reserves that are its source.

There is a frightening list of potential bacteria and viruses that can inhabit a well. Corrosive water is a possibility, as are iron, lead, sulfur, methane, and radon and other radioactive con

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Different Floors for Different Folks

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When picking a new floor for your home, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the flooring options. What’s going to be the right choice to give your home the look and feel that you’ve been hoping for? Here’s a handy little breakdown of the most popular kinds of flooring options, and what each one will say about your home.

Carpet – Carpets in your house can really make it feel like home. Soft, warm, and easier than ever to take care of, there are tons of different carpeting options you can pick from. A traditional white shag will make any l

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