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Top Landscaping Tips from the Pros


Most Americans care about how the exterior of their home’s look. Good landscaping can raise a home’s value by at least 12% and add about 14% to its resale value. About 90% of all real estate agents advise their clients to focus on their home’s landscaping before they try to put their house on the market.

Top Tips from Professional Landscapers:

  1. Remember your yard needs to look good all year. When designing their yards, many people think only of one or two seasons. If you live in a climate with real seasons, you need to think about what plants stay green all year. Evergreens are perfect for this because they do stay green no matter what season it is. Your yard is the first thing people will see and does impact how they view your home.
  2. Think abo

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Kitchen and Bath Two Areas Homeowners Ought to Focus on to Add Value to Their Homes

Bathroom renovation

The housing market has more or less resembled a roller coaster over the last decade complete with inclines and dips. Due to the drastic shifts homeowners have experienced with the house bubble burst and the introduction of the internet, it is no surprise that home sellers are looking for more ways to increase the value of their home in order to stay competitive with the increasing standard of houses on the market. There are near limitless options for homeowners to improve the value and appeal of their home; understanding the mentality of the home buyer can go a long way towards making wise investments and selling one’s home quickly.

Where the Water Flows, Trouble Goes

Nearly a quarter of all home buyers are first time home buyers between the ages of 20 and 30; these home buye

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All Your Metal Roofing Questions, Answered


Being an homeowner come with many responsibilities, including staying up to date with home improvement. Not only does remodeling bring aesthetic pleasure to the homeowner, it boots the value of the home. Adding metal roofing to your home is a great place to start.

Metal roofing is a roofing system that incorporates metal shingles rather than their asphalt counterparts. Metal roofs such as aluminum or steel are incredibly resilient, and can protect your house against hurricane level winds up to 160 mph. They will last for over 50 years, which is up to three to seven times longer than typical asphalt roofing.

Installing metal roofing is about 20% cheaper than the cost of installing standing seam, and experienced metal roofing experts wil

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Is Your Lawn Care Poisoning Your Pets?

Organic lawn care

We’ve all heard of the importance of eating organic and reading the ingredients lists on the food we buy, but when was the last time you looked at the ingredients you’re putting into your yard?

As many as three-quarters of American adults feel its important to spend time in their yards. Of those who have taken steps to upgrade their outdoor spaces recently, over half spend six or more hours in their yards engaged in activities such as relaxing, gardening, or entertaining. With so much to be enjoyed by the outdoors, this is hardly surprising.

As many as 90% of homeowners feel its integral to their enjoyment of their yards that their yards be well-maintained. For most this means the leaves are picked up, the lawn is mowed, and the weeds and pests are removed or killed. While there are a number of en

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You Should Buy a Condo If

Rental townhomes

Whether you are looking for your first home or your retirement home, you may be considering pros and cons of a condominium versus a single-family house. You’ve looked at both houses and condos for sale,

You Should Buy a Condo If…

  1. You want to save money. A single-family house in a suburb of Boston can cost over $1 million, while a condo of the same size (roughly 2,400 sq. ft), in the same area, would be less expensive at around $725,000.
  2. You love the city life. If location is a top priority for you, you will find that single-family homes and condominiums often exist in two very different worlds. Single-family homes are more commonly found in the quiet suburbs with more space for a yard. A condo, on the other hand, may be more commonly located in the city, just a short

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