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5 Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company to Handle Your Sod Installation

Benefits of hiring a landscaping company

Most Americans take great pride in the look of their lawns. Nearly 75% of all American adults feel that spending time outdoors in their gardens and yards, according to a Harris poll fro the National Association of Landscape Professionals. At least 83% of people in the United States say that having a yard is something they care about and 90% of people who have a yard at their home admit they think taking good care of it is important. Real estate agents concur. At least 97% of them say that it is important to have good landscaping if you want to sell a home quickly as a nice lawn adds a lot of value to the property. For many people, this means contracting for a sod installation.

While the sod installation process may look very simple, there are benefits of hiring a landscaping

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The Right Kind of Floor for Each Room in Your House

Tampa granite polishing

When it comes to flooring, there’s a bewildering variety of choices. For both residential and commercial flooring, these can be broken down into two major categories – soft flooring such as carpeting, and hard flooring such as tile, wood, stone or travertine. A number of factors influence the choice of flooring: location within the house, climate, family size, pets and personal preference. Ease of care is another factor, and one that often works in favor of hard flooring like tiles or travertine. Tile cleaning and travertine restoration can keep floors looking like new year after year, making them a popular low-maintenance choice.

Bedrooms: hardwood or carpet?
The type of flooring ch

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7 Tips to Help You Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Well All Summer

Heating and air chattanooga tn

Most people love their air conditioning. It makes life much more cook and comfortable for people across the country. The Department of Energy estimates that 43% of a household energy budget goes for the cooling and heating of the home. About 5% of all of the electricity produced around the country is used by air conditioners. That costs homeowners almost $11 billion every year. Heating and air conditioning repair experts recommend the following tips to keep your unit in the best condition.

  1. Make sure your HVAC unit has been installed correctly. People do not always realize how important this is. When the HVAC has been installed incorrectly, it can make t

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