5 Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Company to Handle Your Sod Installation

Is there a major yard renovation project in your future where you will need help with landscape design and sod install services? If so, then you will need the expert help and guidance of local grass and lawn care experts. These lawn and garden pros can help you find all the products and materials you will need to keep your lawn looking its absolute best.

They can help you find the best places to buy real grass patches and high-quality sprigs and seeds. All of your sod and lawn needs are their main priority, and they can help you find the best options available. Whether you have a small project and need to buy sod by the piece or you are redoing your entire lawn and need a full pallet of sod, they can get you the best prices and selections available.

You can look at local business listings to find the lawn and garden care experts that service your area. If you are looking online, you can try a search similar to ‘where can I find bulk sod near me’ to get an idea of your available options. And if you have a smartphone, use it to search for ‘best places to buy turf grass near me.’ Get started today!

Benefits of hiring a landscaping company

Most Americans take great pride in the look of their lawns. Nearly 75% of all American adults feel that spending time outdoors in their gardens and yards, according to a Harris poll fro the National Association of Landscape Professionals. At least 83% of people in the United States say that having a yard is something they care about and 90% of people who have a yard at their home admit they think taking good care of it is important. Real estate agents concur. At least 97% of them say that it is important to have good landscaping if you want to sell a home quickly as a nice lawn adds a lot of value to the property. For many people, this means contracting for a sod installation.

While the sod installation process may look very simple, there are benefits of hiring a landscaping company to do the job. Here are some reasons you should hire a landscaping services company to handle your sod installation:

  1. They will properly prepare your soil. If your soil is prepared for the sod in a way that is not professionally or properly done, it will cause you potentially expensive problems down the road. You may think that you can overcome this by purchasing sod that is of a very good quality. Unfortunately, even the best sod needs soil that has been properly prepared. No sod installation will go well unless the soil is prepared correctly.
  2. You can injure yourself. Often, there are divots in a person’s lawn that they cannot see. Professional landscape companies are more experienced at dealing with different kinds of lawns and can smooth it so that no one who walks or plays on the lawn after the sod installation will be injured in one of these divots. (That does not mean no one will trip but the chances are lowered when you have the ground smoothed by professionals).
  3. The final product will look better. When the sod installation is done properly, it should look seamless. Think of a baseball field. It looks like a seamless sea of green. That is what your lawn can look like when you use professional landscaping companies to handle your sod installation. If you are selling your home, it will wow prospective buyers. If you are doing this to enjoy yourself, you will be the envy of your neighborhood. Also, if you put down the sod and do not handle the sod installation properly, it will not take root and will die soon after it is put in. Fresh, healthy sod looks great. Dead and brown sod does not.
  4. Professional landscapers will teach you how to care for your sod. The company that handles your sod installation may use your lawn as an example of their good work. That means they are going to want to give you all of the information and the tools that you need to keep that sod looking great after they have finished. Their reputation is not helped if you neglect or improperly care for the sod and it dies right away. They will give you tips on how to water it (it needs more water when it is first put in so that the roots grow properly), feed it and care for it. They can help you prepare a schedule for how often to feed, water and cut your sod to keep it looking its best.
  5. Having your sod installation done by professionals can save you money. That may seen counterintuitive but if you go ahead and try to do your sod installation yourself and the roots do not take hold, they can die and the whole project can end up a mess. Then you have to either try again or go with a professional company to do the job. That all costs more than just having professionals do the sod installation in the first place.

Many people love the look of their lawns after they have had a sod installation company come in and fix up the lawn. This takes a lot less time and provides much better results than if you lay down seed and wait for it to grow.



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