The Right Kind of Floor for Each Room in Your House

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When it comes to flooring, there’s a bewildering variety of choices. For both residential and commercial flooring, these can be broken down into two major categories – soft flooring such as carpeting, and hard flooring such as tile, wood, stone or travertine. A number of factors influence the choice of flooring: location within the house, climate, family size, pets and personal preference. Ease of care is another factor, and one that often works in favor of hard flooring like tiles or travertine. Tile cleaning and travertine restoration can keep floors looking like new year after year, making them a popular low-maintenance choice.

Bedrooms: hardwood or carpet?
The type of flooring chosen depends on the location within the house. Hardwood and natural stone are popular choices for homeowners. In 2011, as many as two-thirds of homeowners replacing their floors chose hard surface flooring. Researchers have found that for living areas which get a lot of traffic, 95% of consumers prefer hardwood flooring.
For bedrooms, too, a little over half or 56% of consumer prefer hardwood floors. Another 44% preferred carpeting on the floor in the bedroom. While hardwood has a clean, minimalist look, carpets are cozy. In kids’ bedrooms or playrooms, they create a play area where the littles can spread out their building blocks, Lego, model trains or jigsaw puzzles. On cold winter mornings, it’s nice to have a warm carpet to step on when you get out of bed, instead of a cold floor.

Tile and travertine are favorites for bathrooms
For bathrooms, tile and travertine flooring are the top favorites. The reasons are easy to see: they are both attractive, not damaged by water, and they are easy to keep clean and maintain. In fact tile floor cleaning is probably one of the easiest types of cleaning jobs there is: just a few swipes with a broom or mop and the floor is clean enough for the most fastidious individual. Travertine tile cleaning is simple too: there’s no need to use harsh chemicals.
Even if the floors are damaged, and develop cracks or chips, tile and travertine restoration are relatively simple tasks. Tile restoration takes only a few hours. The damaged tile can be replaced or repaired, and the floor is as good as new. For travertine restoration, it’s best to call in the professionals. These floors last for decades and even centuries.

Weather is a factor
Climate is another factor in determining the type of flooring. In colder climates, carpeting and hardwood are preponderant, while in warmer climates like Florida and the southwest, cool tiles and travertine are popular choices. The joy of walking on a cool stone or tile floor has to be experienced to be understood.
Both types of flooring are also easily to maintain. Tile floor cleaning and restoration and travertine restoration are simpler than keeping carpeting and even hardwood floors clean.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, there are a number of factors that determine the type of flooring to be used in each room in a house. For kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, hard surface floors like tile, wood and travertine are common choices. For bedrooms, some people prefer carpeting. Tile and travertine floors are popular because they are long lasting and easy to maintain. Tile and travertine restoration can add years to the life of your floor.

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