Enjoy safer bathing with a walk in bathtub

Walk in bathtub

According to the CDC, thousands of Americans injure themselves in the bathroom each year. In 2011, that number reached nearly a quarter of a million people. Approximately two thirds of those injuries occurred by slipping and falling while getting out of the shower or tub. Walk in tubs could be one of the best solutions for those looking to avoid sustaining an injury. There are several advantages that walk in tubs could provide to anyone, no matter what kind of bathroom they may have.

Walk in tubs will allow anyone to step in and out easily. Instead of a rim that can sometimes easily be over a foot and a half high, one will only have to worry about lifting their leg a few inches. Walk in bathtubs like these could be a great thing for anyone that has trouble walking or standing. One of these state of the art walk in tubs could also be ideal for anyone that is older as well. Elderly people tend to suffer the worst injuries when slipping and falling. Thankfully, a walk in tub could prevent this from happening!

Most walk in tubs have a built in seat, which makes it easier to bathe. Once someone steps in and closes the door behind them, they will be able to sit comfortably. Since kneeling and standing up repeatedly can be a strain for some people, this could provide a great deal of relief. Aside from a comfortable seat, walk in tubs generally have a hand rail that people can hold on to.

Walk in tubs can be an affordable way to help make sure that no one injures themselves. Those with disabled or elderly relatives will no longer have to worry constantly about what kind of accident may occur. With a walk in bathtub, anyone could turn bathing into a simpler and much safer process.

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