Making A New Home in Durham

Apartments for rent durham

My sweetheart got notice that his jon was about to transfer him to Durham, North Carolina. I flew out to Durham ahead of him to check out the apartments in Durham to see if I could get our housing situation settled sooner than later. When it comes to apartments Durham is all over the map. Durham nc apartments were seriously upscale, modern, and awesome one moment. Then the next moment apartments in Durham were scary, dirty, and bug infested. But for the most part when I was looking for apartments for rent in Durham, there were significantly more good options versus bad. And that made me sigh a sweet sign of relief.

I had never been to Durham. Or North Carolina for that matter. For my first day looking for a new home I decided to focus my search apartments for rent Durham had downtown. Downtown was a lot cuter than I had imagined. I could really envision our lives there. Downtown apartments in Durham were available for us at every price point. We knew we wanted a locked parking spot for his car but we also wanted to be near public transportation for me as I hate to drive. Several downtown apartments in durham fit that bill right away. We also wanted something close to his work but near the nightlife so we could walk to restaurants and bars. Again, downtown apartments in Durham easily had that.

But then it got tricky. Did we want one of the charming older apartments in durham or did we want a sleek new modern apartment? I love the charm in old buildings but they are more prone to having problems, especially with climate control. He prefers the newer look, very clean. So which of these apartments in Durham would fit both of our fancies?

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